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Alberta Cross (founded by Petter Ericson Stakee and Terry Wolfers) will be finishing up their latest tour this Thursday (9/13) at the Bowery Ballroom. I was able to catch up with Terry for a few minutes by phone last Friday, and I’m happy to say that if you’re looking to step up your stalking game, you now will have some pretty clear ideas of where he likes to hang out when he’s at home in Clinton Hill. We also talked about the new record Songs of Patience, homesickness, and about his personal laundry preferences, because when you live in New York, you have to think about these things. But as LeVar Burton would say, DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT. Instead, take some of my words (and most of Terry’s) for it starting…NOW!

So congrats on the new record, I know it’s been doing super well!

Yeah, thanks very much!

How long did that take to record?

It was a bit stop and start, really; we did some pre-production in LA, and then we had about seven days in EastWest Studios to get a lot of tracking done. Then we were in a smaller studio about two or three weeks, and we did a little bit of mixing out there, but then coming back to Brooklyn we spent about three days in the studio there. So it was kind of broken up, really.

And is there a specific song or aspect of the record that you’re especially proud of? Obviously the whole thing is a big accomplishment, but is there anything that stands out in particular for you?

Yeah, “I Believe In Everything” is quite special to me, because we actually tracked that one as a demo, and it came out so well that we wanted to put it on the album. And it was just a nice time having mates down at the studio, and you live there, you stay there, it’s like a house. And yeah, it turned out great, so that song kind of means a lot to me.

Cool. And you guys will be at the Bowery Ballroom this time around, which is awesome. You guys are based in New York now, right?

Yeah, I’ve always been based in Brooklyn.

Okay, cool, because I wanted to ask you to kind of guide us around your favorite spots in the city.

I hang out a lot at a bar called Hanson’s Dry, which is quite near where I live, actually, in Clinton Hill. It’s kind of a speakeasy vibe, and it’s a nice mixture between native Brooklyn and people who’ve moved in, so you get a really nice mixed crowd there. It’s in quite an up-and-coming area, there are a lot of good bars and restaurants. I don’t know if I can stray too far from there, to be honest, but yeah, there’s quite a lot going on. I live quite near Prospect Park, as well.

How about record stores?

No, not really. I hear there’s a Rough Trade opening up in Williamsburg, so I’m excited for that, but yeah, not too much record shopping.

Well how about food, then?

I’m a massive fan of Indian food; coming from Britain, we all love our Indian food. There’s a couple of really nice restaurants on Myrtle Avenue, and there’s a Mediterranean place whose name has gotten away from me right now. When I do go out, though, it’s pretty much always one of those places.

Now, I’m always kind of curious to know people’s laundry habits here. Do you do your own laundry or drop it off? I always drop mine off.

No, no, I do my own.

Look at you! Proud of you.

Yeah, I mean, it’s SO close; I’ve got a laundromat literally two blocks away, so I just drop it in, and then it’s like a two second walk home, or most times I’ll go sit at the bar and have a beer while it’s going on.

So living here in Brooklyn, is it weird for you to travel to some of these other places that aren’t as massive as New York? Do you get homesick for the city or is it nice to kind of get out?

Oh no, I love it. I mean, I do get homesick after a while. The first couple of weeks are great, and then, you know, we’ve been out for like six weeks now, so I’m kind of looking forward to getting back to Brooklyn. But it’s always like, when I’m in Brooklyn I miss London, and when I’m in London I miss Brooklyn. It’s a bit weird, you find yourself homesick for both places a lot of the time. But I do love running around, and I feel very privileged to have been all the places I’ve been to. I mean, two days ago I was in London, last night in Toronto, and now we’re off to Ottawa. And it’s nice when you go back, because you get more familiar, so there’s places you know you can get good food, good bars, meet the local people. I really do enjoy it.

Well we’re very excited to see your show here! Any final words?

Yeah, well I mean, the Bowery’s fantastic; it’s a beautiful venue, we’ve done a couple of shows there before, it’s in a really nice part of town, and we were just chuffed when it was booked. We’ve always had great shows there, so we’re pretty excited to get back. It’s always nice that it’s our hometown as well, so we’re really excited. And it’s nice that it’s the last one as well, it’s going to be like the perfect finish to the run.

Check out that perfect finish Thursday night at the Bowery Ballroom; tickets are available here.