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Following their great debut success at Pride and after continuing all summer long, the electro-pop dance party Siren returns to Apex tonight. BYT caught up with DJs Aaron Riggin to discuss the event itself, his other projects, and what he’s got on his iPod:

Siren Premier-19 Siren Premier-32

BYT: In the past, you’ve been involved with the planning and organizing of Capitol Pride, how does Siren compare to other parties you’ve hosted or been a part of?
AR: I really love adding party elements that are a bit tongue-in-cheek, random and hopefully creative. Siren is definitely a music-driven dance event with the obligatory strong drinks, lasers, snow machines, a powerful fog machine and a performance or two.

BYT: Will Siren follow in the steps of DJ MAJR’s other party Shift by becoming a recurring party?
AR: Originally, Siren was meant to be just a summer party at Apex, but given the popularity of the party and that DJ MAJR and myself enjoy hosting and DJing it so much, there’s a good chance it will become recurring. Promoting/party organizing, as a whole, is always in motion; you simply have to do the best with what you have, while you have it, and make sure everyone has an amazingly memorable experience. That being said, Apex is for sale, so we encourage everyone to come and enjoy it while they can!

BYT: How long have you been DJing? Was it something you envisioned for yourself?
AR: I started August 2009 when DJ MAJR asked me to go an opening spot at Shift. It was something I’d always been interested in pursuing and he taught me some skills and gave me the opportunity. Since then, I’ve been DJing at my other party WTF (link), and miscellaneous Shearon Van Riggins (link) events.

Siren Premier-3

BYT: Will this be the first time you and DJ MAJR have DJed together?
AR: The first time we DJed as a team was at a huge house party in the middle of one of the big snowstorms earlier this year. We were testing out the 00s-era music as a theme. It went over pretty well. We’ve been DJing every Siren party together since June.

BYT: What songs are currently stuck on repeat for you right now?
AR: Kylie Minogue – “Too Much”, Scissor Sisters – “Any Which Way”, Marina & the Diamonds – “Oh No!”, Robyn – “Criminal Intent”, The Ting Tings – “Hands”, not so coincidentally, Little Boots – “Stuck on Repeat”, and–I hate to admit it–Katy Perry – “Teenage Dream”

BYT: With Siren’s moniker being the “Tea Bag Party”, which tracks would you add to a Tea Party Protester’s playlist, you know, to chill them out?
AR: For the Tea Party Protestors, I think I what I would actually do is take that high-pitched sound that’s supposed to repel unruly teenagers and turn it to the  “obese 50 year-old bigot” setting.

Siren is tonight at Apex.

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