INSTAGROSS: Look, We Made It From Scratch!
BYT at large | Sep 18, 2012 | 12:00PM |

By Claire O’Neill, Runcible Spoon Managing Editor (which, btw-has a launch party this Thursday-YOU should go if you’re in DC-ed)

You should know that we, too, at The Runcible Spoon (whose GROSS issue is out this week) are prone to the most predictable shortcomings of a foodie: Do we pepper waiters with as many gratuitous questions as possible? You bet. Do we broadcast every single thing we eat, want to eat or think about eating? Of course! And what’s the best way to do that? Duh. Instagram!

We recently saw Twitter user @ladiesthings ask: “If you make fresh pesto from farmer’s market ingredients and nobody’s around to Instagram it … does it make a sound?”
What a great question. We’ll leave you to chew on that, while feasting your eyes on a few of our recent food photos.

Molding marshmallow

photo (2)

Salami stackerz


Gouda surprise


Noodle D-Lite


Brain Eggs


Lard & Cheese Soup


Maggot Sauce


Fried Ear and Blood Dip