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Instead of waiting for one of your friends to post their #OOTD (which they need to stop doing immediately), brighten up your Instagram with these accounts that will be all over Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2014. There will be gorgeous clothing, models, makeup, hair, and everything else that occupies your dreams.


  • This one is as obvious as @MBFASHIONWEEK, but no one is as obsessed with Fashion Week as these people. This account will have you strutting your stuff right alongside the models, designers, and other people fabulous enough to attend.


  • Where haven’t you seen this girl? Even though she’s been spotted hanging backstage at Kanye’s concert with Kim K. and kissing Miley Cyrus, Cara’s true home is the runway; we’re sure she will be all over Fashion Week.



  • Looking for a male’s perspective (or just more male models) during Fashion Week? GQ has you covered. Women beware: you might have higher expectations for your boyfriend’s closet after realizing that menswear can be so, so stylish.


  • More into the makeup, manicures, and models, than the clothing? Follow Huffington Post’s beauty account, where you will see various designer’s makeup artists creating perfect looks, which you can attempt to recreate later.


  • Scott Schuman is the photographer everyone seems to know. He is incredible at capturing street style, and you’ll find him all over Fashion Week. If you’re lurking around the shows, maybe he’ll catch you in your favorite piece.


  • This site has become a fashion empire, so you know their Instagram coverage will be everything you could ever want.


  • Tommy Ton takes gorgeous, street style photos; every week seems to be Fashion Week for him. We’re sure he can do wonders with an iPhone, blowing up your Instagram in the process.


  • Sasha is one of the most in-demand models of the moment. Unlike a lot of models, she isn’t all about the selfie (unless she’s showing off her incredible makeup, while flashing a funny face with another top model). Instead, she posts photos of herself where the clothing is the focus.


  • Pharrell may be a music industry king, but he’s appearing all over the fashion scene, as well. After he wore the Arby’s hat to the Grammys though, I’m starting to question his fashion sense. Nonetheless, he’ll be sure to have some cool photos.



  • Don’t forget to follow some of your favorite designer before Fashion Week begins, so you can get the inside scoop! Marc Jacobs always give its followers a peak of their favorite things, so Fashion Week photos should live up to everyone’s expectations.