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all photos: Jeff Martin

Have you ever gone to a bar, or sat in a coffee shop or just plain peoplewatching and wished you had a way to channel all your random thoughts and observations into something funny and pithy and utterly-adorable-yet-super-smart on paper? That actually seems like a pretty solid super power to have. Well, Dana Jeri Maier’s ACTUALLY has that super power.

Her comics, whether they tackle the way we all spend time reading NY Times or the dynamic of a Gallery Opening or Craft Cocktail Culture take everyday things and somehow manage to both dissect them and embody their very essence in simple black and white format. If they don’t make you smile, there is a chance you’re missing a soul.


Dana is showing her work this Thursday @ The Wild Hand WorkSpace which we used as an opportunity to poke around her home AND studio (in the great tradition of being a young DC artist, Dana does it all in one place), a room strewn with wheatpaste images of cats on pedestals (hey, we’ve all had those feelings), mice in cups and works finished and in progress.

Even in her work and living environment, Dana shows off her unique sense of self – the first thing you see as you walk in is a big board that says  “What’s Good About 32?”, a question she asked herself just around her last birthday (#1 reason: Not 47) and admitted to thinking of erasing before our arrival but chose to leave up. Will a comic come out of it? No one knows. All the work ends up in drawers for future consideration and use: Good Stuff, Less Good and so on. Each has the opportunity to be resurrected at any point in time if the moment is right.

The current project she has been spending plenty of time with later is the $14 Cocktail book. The project is still in the “finding its identiy stages”, but we, for one, cannot wait to see what the final result may be: a recipe book, a field guide, a social commentary, a series of overheard conversations in bars, or a combination of all of the above?

As Dana decides, check out where she is creatively at Thursday @ The Wild Hand WorkSpace  and follow her on instagram (you won’t regret it). And now, for the rest of the studio tour: