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So, Saint Etienne have a new song out. It can be freely listened to on their myspace and it is everything you remember Saint Etienne being + a title track for their documentary.

and all this (plus Goldfrapp being back) got me all nostalgic about being 17 and living alone in England, and listening to “Good Humor” on repeat ad nauseum while I had some (stupid) unrequited crush on a 6’5″ German kid in my Psychology A-level class whose name I don’t even remember now but who definitely had a cool car and better hair than me.
Yes, I know, I am a winner.
And a cliche.

Some things never change.
(well, my hair is better now, so that’s something, I guess)

But I was ready to embrace my clicheness and…. and start a new column.
(starting a new column is my answer to everything)


So, here it is:
and this week, well, we start of with “in the mood for:Saint Etienne”
To set the tone…first some mood setting “Nothing can stop us” from Sarah Cracknell and the boys:

Did you like that?
the groovy bass, the sassy sampling, the crackling Cracknell vocal stylings, the general “euro disco with a side of salt” mood?
well then, old and new alike, you will probably like:

Jackie Jackie by Sally Shapiro
Italo disco really needs to make a comeback (stop frowning now, any music that makes you simultaneously laugh and dance NEEDS TO make a comeback) and if anyone’s gonna do it then its this Swedish lady. I’ve been listening to “I’ll be by your side” on repeat for months and even pitchfork ended up caving in and admitting Sally Puts a smile on their face. And you thought all hope is lost.
Jackie Jackie is her “Sylvie” song.

Sing it Back by Moloko
While I am a big Roisin Murphy fan from start to finish (cue the only record review I’ve written this year) but this song (and this video!) still take the lounge electronica cake.

When you are ready, I will surrender
Take me and do as you will

Damn straight.

Of this Ain’t Love by Spiller feat. Sophie Ellis Baxtor

The song that launched Sophie’s career (later immortalized by my all time favorite song to hear at 2:30 am “Murder on the Dancefloor”). I used to watch DJ Spiller and Sophie frolic through the Orient on VIVA (the poor European man’s MTV) all the time and it still makes me happy. Plus, am pretty sure that this is the song to blame for me saying “ain’t”.

You’re not Alone by Olive
Guilty pleasure classic.
That I bet you forgot even existed.
Saved from the euro dance dirt trenches by a suprisingly strong vocals. While this is more a song you’d love if you loved Cher’s “Believe” I will probably never write a “In the Mood for Cher” column (or will I?) and so I am squeezing it in.

Its in your eyes by Kylie Minogue
Before you overjudge this, listen to it.
It is so good and so slinky and Kylie has so many producers that know EXACTLY what they are doing that this is undeniable.

“It’s no suprise
I’ve been watching you lately
I want to make it with you ”

I mean people should really say “i want to make it with you” while shimmying up to people on the dance floor more often.
It will probably get you slapped on the cheek, but it will be worth it.

Juxtaposed with U by Super furry Animals

I heart the Super Furries. Mainly because I never fully know what to expect. This is the one of the only 2 male vocals on here but the fuzzed out, “Barry White on disco speed” lounge effect this has is AMAZING. I will never ever ever be sick of this song.

Oooh La La by Goldfrapp

It should be pretty obvious why this is on here. To everyone. And their puppy.

Lips are Unhappy by Lucky Soul

My favorite album of 07 no one paid attention to. St. Etienne meets The Ronnettes, they have babies, and the babies come out so catchy and with tongues so firmly in cheek they may as well be in between teeth.
Try to resist.

Eurodisco by Bis

Decidedly more bratty than St. Etienne, BIS is the underestimated and underrated treasure of the 1990s Great Britain scene.
Loud, dancey, and totally wanting to “make it with you”, they try and go a slightly more sophisticated route here.
And for that we salute you.

So there,
and I plan to make everyone write one of these so if you have
a. any more “in the mood for St. Etienne” suggestions
b. any future topic ideas….

leave them in comments.
i promise to approve.