In Just a Few Weeks-Hirshhorn’s About to Become Pretty Much the Coolest Place Ever
svetlana | Mar 1, 2012 | 9:45AM |

We are not ones to throw superlatives like “THE COOLEST PLACE EVER” around without some solid reasons but really, there was no other reaction available when we heard of Doug Aitken’s SONG 1 installation coming to the museum March 22nd through May 13th.

Now, if you need some info to back up  our broad, sweeping superlative here is some basic scoop:

  • It’s architecture, cinema, music, public art—all together into one piece.
  • According to Hirshhorn deputy director and chief curator Kerry Brougher (and via GOOD), “SONG 1” toys with the concept of “liquid architecture”—a constant shifting that transforms museum architect Gordon Bunshaft’s heavy, cement mass into a light, ethereal work of art
  • this site specific installation (meaning, it will NEVER BE REPEATED, and you HAVE TO see it in DC during this time span) will essentially feel like you are seeing the museum from the inside out

  • it CANNOT be viewed from any one point-you HAVE TO walk the building’s perimeter to get the full experience
  • How will it all be done? you ask. Well, the installation will use 11 high-definition video projectors to seamlessly blend moving images around the entire building to the tune of the pop song “I Only Have Eyes for You.” The film will include more than 15 covers of the song from a diverse group of artists including Beck and original by  The Flamingos.

  • SONG 1 is the first-ever work of 360-degree cinema to be presented in a continuous, cylindrical format.
  • Rather than the screen creating a stagnant space for viewers to sit still and enter the fictional world presented, the outdoor exhibition becomes a part of the urban environment and demands audience participation, requiring the viewer to move around the building to fully experience the installation.