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Since not all of our readers live on the Internet, Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, we decided to revisit some of our daily highlights. Because we love you. Because we care.


The holiday allowed us to catch up on some of our favorite Sunday evening viewing: Girls, True Detective, Downton Abbey and the crown jewel, SHERLOCK! It was worth the two-year wait.

Does anyone else find it kinda weird that Alan Cumming introduces the PBS/BBC Masterpiece Sherlock and co-stars on The Good Wife which is on CBS and also airs Elementary? Just me? Probably. He was a good Nightcrawler. Cumming, not Sherlock or that imposter from Elementary. Jonny Lee Miller is in the CBS show. He was great in Trainspotting. Used to be married to Angelina Jolie. I wish I didn’t know this stuff.


A very cold week means very good drink specials. Our Happy Hour Hotline highlights all the places taking advantage of horrible temperatures. Our coverage of the DC Tattoo Expo highlighted some inked individuals. The new Den of Thieves was busy on opening night. It’ll stay like that for a while. The Source poured us some cocktails for the Chinese New Year. Shocked and Amazed visited the Artisphere and actually did some shocking and amazing things. The photos prove it.



BLT Steak welcomed a new chef so we welcomed more calories. Our DC Sledding Guide features all the hilly information you need. Our interview with Dr. Arleen Lamba will keep your skin beautiful throughout the winter. The biggest hit of the day were our photos of the Dupont Snowball Fight. Look at the photos. Stay warm.



We took a first look at Menu MBK. It will be a foodie oasis. We made a helpful roundup of Virginians we’d marry if Virginia legalizes it. Our feature, Best of TV Murder Mysteries to Binge Watch NOW, will keep you company this weekend because it’s cold. Stay home. Binge watch things.

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 3.33.24 PM


Our end of the week began with an interview with Fidlar. The four-piece opens for the Pixies this Sunday at the Strathmore. People are excited to visit Roofers Union. Unlike The Reef, this restaurant/bar will not feature aquariums. People were excited at the Pride Reveal. Space is the theme. That’s a good theme. The exhibit, TAPAS. Spanish Design for Food at the Former Ambassador’s Residence looks pretty great. Andrew Bucket and I got a sneak peak at Monster Jam. He ate hot pretzels.



Our NYC side found out that you guys really likes when Russ Tells You What To Listen To. You guys want to listen to ZAS. Our Spring Museum Guide will be helpful this spring. It’s a guide. Our Weekend Horoscope As Told By Disney will be helpful in your own mind. How To Do A Tim Tam Slam for Australia Day will be helpful in your tummy. A GIF Chit-Chat With Justin Bieber will help explain the news. A visit to The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club will make your life better.