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Since not all of our readers live on the Internet, Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, we decided to revisit some of our daily highlights. Because we love you. Because we care.

All Week

12 Days of Vipers! We’re still giving away amazing prizes to our Vipers subscribers. So far we’ve gifted drink packages, comedy packages (including tickets to all 2014 Bentzen Ball shows!), date night packages, movie packages (including tickets to all 2014 promo screenings!), food giveaways, hotel room stays and more! More is to come. Really. More is coming.



We continued our year end round up with Movie Superlatives of 2013. Spring break forever. Jason Segel, Mr. Muppet/the naked dude in Sarah Marshall/Not the man whose mother you need to meet, is going to play David Foster Wallace in a major motion picture. We approve. 2013 was a chill year so we had the chillest guy we know, Andrew Bucket, give us a roundup of chill chillers in the last 365 chill days. A trip to Transformer made us feel like we entered a cave, in a good way.



We asked the bands we love what they loved about 2013. Love from Luara Burhenn (The Mynabirds), AVAN LAVA, Erika Spring (Au Revoir Simone), Paul Hammer (Savoir Adore), GEMS, Josh Ocean (Ghost Beach), OOFJ, J. Roddy and the Business and more. Goblin brought their 1970s Italian horror sound to the 9:30 Club. We took some photos. There was a dancer. Nirvana will bring their anti-corporate stance to the corporate Rock and Roll Hall of Fame so we told you what will/should happen. A visit to the Capital Riverfront let us take a sneak peek into the not-open-yet Agua 301.



2013 is over. Time to look forward, our bands to look forward to in 2014. Speaking of sound, not all pop songs are made alike, so Rohan and Andy told you what’s underrated and what’s overrated. Girl, you know it’s true, the Milli Vanilli opera is coming and Jenn has some ideas. Melissa wishes a hopeful fond farewell to atrocious 2013 fashion trends. Camo? Really? Sometimes you need to use the entire bottle. Our holiday punch guide is here to help. Farrah gave us a glimpse into something most of us have never seen, behind the curtain at Washington Ballet’s Nutcracker. Gorgeous and adorable photos. A must-see.

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Time for the foodies to let us know what’s good and what’s bad in DC with our DC food round up. I interviewed youth minister Kathy Piechota about her upcoming Church Night at the Black Cat. Get ready for tots and shots. Two first looks make me think January won’t be quiet: Alba Osterio and Southern Efficiency.



Since we covered music and food, it was only natural to head to fashion to end the week. Our DC style round up is here to help you reminisce in a stylish way. There’s a Christmas song for everyone, even if you’re an atheistic that enjoys psychedelic drugs. There’s a Christmas film for everyone, especially if you’re an atheist that enjoys psychedelic drugs. There’s a Naked Gun for everyone, as long as everyone is Leslie Nielsen. Bourbon is celebrating 5 years with anniversary cocktails. We’re celebrating with them.