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Since not all of our readers live on the Internet, Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, we decided to revisit some of our daily highlights. Because we love you. Because we care.

All Week

12 Days of Vipers! We’re giving away amazing prizes to our Vipers subscribers. So far we’ve gifted drink packages, comedy packages (including tickets to all 2014 Bentzen Ball shows!), date night packages, movie packages (including tickets to all 2014 promo screenings!) and food giveaways. Absurdly good stuff for smart individuals. 7 more days remain!



We started the week in a photogenic way. Our Holiday Hosting Guides week began with Kate Warren and Martin Swift on dressing the part. We asked some of our favorite funny people (Tig Notaro! Reggie Watts! Doug Benson! T.J. Miller!) what made 2013 funny. Before anyone else told you Tila Tequila is a Nazi, we told you Tile Tequila is a Nazi. We posted some possible NSFW shots of CRACK at Town. We had some fiery cocktails in Takoma Park at Republic and so much more.



The music writers of Rec-Room Therapy wrote about their albums of the year. Nycci Nash told us how to plan for the perfect holiday brunch. We took a first look and had a taste test at City Tap House. Our shots of the DC Ladies Arm Wrestling Holiday Smackdown inspired us to be more badass.



Humpday was a day of beauty. John Foster gave us his annual Best Album Art of 2013 roundup. Holley Simmons told us how to have the perfect hot chocolate party for cold nights. We looked at some shots of the annual Naughty Snowball party, perfect for the burner that loves X-Mas.



After the beauty of Wednesday, it was time for the ugliness of Thursday. John Foster gave us his annual Worst Album of 2013 roundup. Lots of nipples in that one. We recapped the Bacon and Bourbon Festival. Our week of Holiday Hosting Guides continued with Nikki Rappaport on the no-stress fête.



Friday, December 13 2013 will forever be known as the day Beyonce released a surprise album. So we stayed up all night to give your our first reaction before you got to work. Our Holiday Hosting Guid week concluded with Kristin Guiter on vintage party bliss. It’s gorgeous. We put out a call for interns/contributors. If you’re interested, act quick, we only have a few open spots. Finally, our annual gift guide arrived. It’s massive. It’s amazing. It has everything you need.