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Since not all of our readers live on the Internet, Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, we decided to revisit some of our daily highlights. Because we love you. Because we care.


The start of the month means it’s time you have your best month: Your Best February. The start of the month also means laughter: February Comedy Guide. Alan wrote a fond piece of praise for the late, great Philip Seymour Hoffman. Stephanie took some mouth-watering shots of the new Menu MBK.



Not sure where to take your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day? Our round-up of DC restaurants that don’t take reservations will help. Not sure who to make your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day? Brandon Weight’s Tips For Using Tinder will help. New contributor Matt Bryne is highlighting funny humans making humankind funnier. He started with Daniel Kibblesmith. Shauna gave us a First Look at Georgetown’s newest record store: Hill & Dale.



Wednesday was a wonderful and varied day. Our Blind Date Guide will help with you know, blind dates. Our First Date Guide will help you figure out where to take your blind date. We announced the FREE Lagunitas show at U Hall with J. Roddy Walston and the Business and The So So Glos. Didn’t catch Neutral Milk Hotel at D.A.R.? How about some free tickets to see them at Merriweather? We have a new writer. She’s 23, short but not small, and rides a motorcycle. Our new series, DC Startups To Start Noticing, kicked off with SnapDash. Finally, we announced our second Super Sampler, Saturday, March 1 at the Howard Theatre. Buy tickets now. It will sell-out.



Now that we told you how to get a blind date and where to take that date, it’s time to learn how to seal the deal. The Beatles came to American 50 years ago this weekend. This woman saw them 50 years ago. Live. Georgetown has a new spot for bocce and bowling. Finally, surprisingly, our most popular post of the week comes from BYGays: The Most Amazing New F&*%ked Up Sport: Synchronized Skating.

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The work week ended with an in-depth interview with RJD2. We told you about five places to eat brunch this weekend. Jeff and Emily gave us a first look at the new spot from No Kings Collective.



Russ wants you to listen to the Dum Dum Girls. We got some Astrological Answers: As Told by Ja’mie. Our NYC Food Blogger Roundup will tell you exactly where to eat at all times.

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