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Looking for a bit of escapism? Check out Submerge by ARTECHOUSE, which is a new series of surreal immersive experiences that are set to take place in DC, NYC and Miami; inspired by earth, water and air, each location will focus on a different elemental experience related to Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year, Classic Blue.

DC’s Crystalline

NYC’s Celestial

Miami’s Aqueous

Crystalline in DC explores the color’s connection with earth and crystals “through a journey that is both an adventure and a contemplation—an exploration through an illusory, blue-hued castle.” Meanwhile, the NYC installation, Celestial, “draws on Classic Blue’s inspirational qualities to take visitors beyond the skies”, and Miami’s Aqueous, inspired by Classic Blue’s calming qualities, “explores the color in the context of water.”

In all three locations, virtual portals will give visitors a window into the other locations, creating a sense of community and connection in spite of geographical distance.

Crystalline in DC will be on view from October 15th, 2020 to January 3rd, 2021. Book advance tickets here.
Celestial in NYC will be on view from October 22nd, 2020 to January 3rd, 2021. Book advance tickets here.
Aqueous in Miami will be on view from November 12th, 2020 to April 4th, 2021. Book advance tickets here.

Safety protocols that have been put in place by ARTECHOUSE across all locations include the following:

● New operating hours have been put in place to ensure sufficient time for cleaning and sanitation.
● Art space sessions continue to be limited in capacity along with split session start times to ensure
seamless entry and proper social distancing.
● Mask or face coverings must be worn inside the art space at all times.
● Hand sanitizing stations have been added throughout the art space.
● Suggested safe distancing of 6 feet apart from others will be strictly enforced.
● Professional cleaning and sanitizing will take place prior to each daily opening.
● Hourly cleaning and sanitizing of the art space will be performed by team members.
● Visitors that are experiencing illness symptoms will have the option of rebooking.


All images via Christopher Ernst/ARTECHOUSE