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From the murderously bitchy to the just plain murderous, IF LOOKS COULD KILL features six of our very favorite (and very killer) Halloween inspirations for this year’s round of parties (including, of course, this weekend’s Twerk or Treat in DC, and the CHERYL + BYT NYC-presented R.I.t.E. on Halloween proper). And in the grand tradition of our past Halloween spreads – Girls on Film, Television Terror, and Girls Will Be Boys – each of these costumes can be put together on the fly, and definitely on the cheap. Because if you can’t break bad (with minimal effort) on Halloween, then when?

“EVIL TAKES A HUMAN FORM IN REGINA GEORGE.” How do I even begin to explain Regina George? In a blonde wig (full of secrets) and an outfit scored equally from your own closet (black mini, check), the thrift store (we’re assuming you DON’T have a pink cardigan?) and at 1, 3, 5 – you, too, could be fetch beyond fetch (if you weren’t utterly convinced that fetch was just NOT going to happen). Flex those Mean Girl muscles with an insane attachment to your cell phone and a complete mastery of the condescending side eye – if ever a fearsome creature walked this planet, it is truly Regina George. Do it justice, and either way – get in loser, we’re going shopping.



IF THEY ONLY KNEW SHE HAD THE POWER… Ok ok ok – at this point we all know the NEW Carrie is NOT A THING – but 70s Carrie is ALWAYS a thing, and as far as costumes go, it’s beyond attainable. A thrifted slip (for less than two bucks), a party store tiara, and about a cup of fAkE bLoOd (this recipe is legit) are the tickets to the telekinesis train, and don’t be afraid to get gory – as recognizable as this costume is, mucho blood and a wildly honed SCREAM FACE will set you apart from the Moretz-christened Carries. If they’re all going to laugh at you, make sure they all know that you’re going to make them pay.



“All part of my costume collection…I prefer to think of myself as a master of disguise” We’re hoping the statute of SPOILER LIMITATIONS is up, but if this doesn’t blow it then Halloween itself is totally going to ruin the LUMBERJACK DEXTER finale for you. It’s a safe bet that EVERY dude has a flannel and some sort of beard – whether a five o’clock shadow or something a little more epic – so consider the additional roll of Saran Wrap and a pair of bloodstained (well, paint-stained) gloves as a free pass into any Halloween party you might have to attend. Just stand ready for the WTFs of how that series ended…or use that cleaver to fend for yourself.




“Anna, people say you’re an ‘Ice Woman’…” “Well, this week it’s been very cold.” Ahh yes, the Devil herself. Easily the most glam of our costume picks, an Anna Wintour jaunt requires a gorge cocktail dress, pursed lips, and a killer purse – and don’t forget to pack a comb, as that bobbed wig needs to stay ICILY INTACT for the duration of your night. If you’re willing to stray a bit from the unsmiling pyramid of persona that is WINTOUR, don’t even attempt a look of mild amusement – skip straight for mild outrage. PETA totally owes you some outerwear.



“This is my costume. I’m a homicidal maniac. They look just like everyone else.” The old faithful of last minute Halloween costumes, Wednesday Addams can be dug out of your closet in a second. Amp up your version with bruise-colored lipstick, her signature vacant stare, and a few oddities-as-accessories – any biting, age-inappropriate wit you can pull off is icing on the cake.



“I WILL LAY WASTE TO ARMIES, AND BURN CITIES TO THE GROUND!” A Khaleesi is a tricky thing, no? While it’s pretty much guaranteed that you WON’T be the only Mother of Dragons running around any given Halloween party, you can make sure your costume is far and away the best one there. Our version involves about fifteen dollars worth of thrifted curtains (we draped and pinned this in less than twenty minutes, but you’re going to need a friend to help with the back details) and bobby pins + a few platinum braids and pieces cut from a Halloween wig leftover from last year – accessorize with an armband and a steely, steely will.