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This week (after last week’s test drive) we DEBUT the officially official DVD recommendation column, with a separate (no matter how random) theme every week.
The man in charge is Cesar, writer, actor (see him in “References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot” at the Roscharch Theatre, and any other play that may or may not have simulated sex in it), diplomatic offspring, pupusas enthusiast and the man with the longest Q in netflix we know: over 400 awaiting and then some, which makes him extremely qualified in our (all knowing) eyes. So there….take it away Cesar.

I, Queue Genius promise to entertain, educate, illustrate and emanate my infinite wisdom of all things film. The views of I, Queue Genius, do not reflect those of BYT or the IQG’s Chief/Ladyfriend/Comrade/Fellow Cineaste. Please enjoy this weekly at your own risk of falling as madly in love with film as, I, Queue Genius, have.

In my queue this week: A deserving old lady gets the shit smacked out of her, a bunch of rowdy British high school hooligans grow the f*ck up, and 3 of Hollywood’s biggest hearthrobs engage in homosexual activities.

Notes on a Scandal (2006, UK)

Oh my, oh my, oh my! Never in my wildest anglophilic dreams did I think I’d get off on seeing the 105-year-old Dame Judi Dench as I did in this intensely taut and unnerving film. The awesomely engaging, and Oscar-nominated (blah blah blah) Cate Blanchett plays a young teacher who becomes the focus of an older teacher’s (Dench) obsession. When the failing wife, mother and art teacher makes a volatile decision to get involved with a student, the incessantly-loyal Dench offers to protect her from the shitstorm that is about to explode around her. I almost spilled my tea 3 times watching this toxic relationship go from bad to worse. Extra hoorays for Philip Glass’s rollercoaster of a score. Also, a bitchin’ performance from Bill Nighy who is as badass as Blanchett and as wrinkled as Dench.

IQG, I want more crazy ladies who bring on the shitstorm in my queue! Try Single White Female (1992, USA), Fatal Attraction (1987, USA), and Carrie (1976, USA).

To Sir, With Love (1967, UK)

Sidney Poitier is an aspiring engineer who accepts a temporary teaching position at a lower-class East End London high school. When he learns that conventional teaching methods won’t work, he drops the gauntlet and scares his students straight, all the while teaching them about responsibility, discipline, respect, and most importantly, the power of love. Watch Poitier lose his crazy-cool and call his female students sluts. It’s 1967, he’s black, they’re white…now THAT is drama. Beyond the dated but amusing British jargon and mod score is a great story of one man who unleashes a good shitstorm that succeeds in changing the lives of his wayward pupils. Also, a bloody good technicolor performance by UK pop-teen-queen, Lulu.

IQG, I want more teachers who inspire their students to overcome adversity and get haircuts in my queue! Try Stand and Deliver (1988, USA), Dangerous Minds (1995, USA), and Up the Downstairs Case (1967, USA).

Velvet Goldmine (1998, USA/UK)

Gay, straight, bi or none-of-the-above, you are going to eat up every second of Ewan McGregor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Christian Bale sucking each others’ faces. A fictional account of the explosion of British Glam in 1971, this all-star cast, which includes Eddie Izzard and Toni Collete, takes you through a ridiculously visual and musical experience of an era when androgyny required more than smacking on your sister’s lipstick. Many fans of the film will claim that Velvet Goldmine (the title of a David Bowie song) is a retelling of the love/sex affair between the eccentric Bowie and untamable Iggy Pop. I think it’s a bloody good excuse to invite your friends over, get drunk, and engage in [insert favorite sexual or non-sexual activity here].

IQG, don’t tell my girlfriend, but I want to see more sissyboys in drag in my queue…and lots of music!
Try Breakfast on Pluto (2005, UK), Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001, USA) and Kinky Boots (2005, UK).
Check out IQG next week when I present three more golden delicious filmic nuggets straight from my golden delicious filmic queue.