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Welcome to the special “Royal Visit Week” Queue special where Cesar Guadamuz, writer, actor (see him in “References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot” at the Roscharch Theatre, and any other play that may or may not have simulated sex in it), diplomatic offspring, taps into his inner monarchist groupie and allows you all to spend the night with (some sort of) a queen. Because going meta like that is sometimes fun.
So there….take it away Cesar.

I, Queue Genius promise to entertain, educate, illustrate and emanate my infinite wisdom of all things film. The views of I, Queue Genius, do not reflect those of BYT or the IQG’s Chief/Ladyfriend/Comrade/Fellow Cineaste. Please enjoy this weekly at your own risk of falling as madly in love with film as, I, Queue Genius, have.

In my queue this week: A queen with a bitch of a job, the Queen bitch and Queen is bitchin’!

The Queen (2006, UK). I know what you are thinking, lads: is it possible for GILF Helen Mirren to slap on on a white wig, strap down her funbags and play the oldest (115 years old), most powerful woman alive? Well, yes, blokes, yes it is. In fact, Mirren’s balls-to-the-wall portrayal of the aging (152 year-old) HM Queen Elizabeth II earned her last year’s Oscar and Golden Globe, along with countless other shiny trinkets and knicknacks. Mirren and director Stephen Frears are hailed for the candid, true-to-life portrayal of the Royal reaction surrounding Princess Diana’s death, and Her Majesty’s relationship with the newly-elected Tony Blair, brilliantly played by Michael Sheen. I don’t know about you guys, but this is the most entertaining history lesson I had in 2006.

IGQ, show me some QUEENS! Try, Queens (2006, Spain), Nine Queens (2000, Argentina) and Paris is Burning (1990, USA).

Elizabeth (1998, UK). Oh my, this movie makes The Real World look like Saturday Night Live for kids. Classy because, try-as-they-might, Brits can’t escape it, but full of everything we look for in a period piece; sex, drama, murder, and one very very young Queen completely losing her shit, Elizabeth focuses on the early part of the reluctant leader’s reign. With pressure from her advisors to marry and make a Royal anklebiter, Queen Elizabeth I gets all 70’s-progressive and lays down the law; perhaps the first step in the modern Feminist movement? Oh, and by the way, Cate Blanchett makes me want to put on a pair of tights and seduce her.

IQG, can I borrow those tights? Try, The Good German (2006, USA) Veronica Guerin (2003, USA/Ireland) and Heaven (2002, Germany/Italy).

Queen: Live at Wembley Stadium (1990, UK). This 1986 concert of one of the greatest glam-rock bands and musical acts in history presents Queen in all their majestic glory. Like queens before him, the magnetic and charged Freddy Mercury shows off his pipes, endurance, tights and the histrionics and absolute showmanship that made Queen the giants they became. This taped concert performance has been considered to be one of the best captures of a live show by rockin’ band. Bitchin!

IQG, I want to see more concert performances that will move and shake me: Bjork: Cambridge (1998, UK), Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii (1972, Belgium) and The Beatles: Washington D.C. Feb. 11th, 1964 (1964, USA).

Join me next week when I take you on a magical mystery tour through 3 movies full of wonder, merriment and that certain je ne sais quois that will capture your imagination, steal your hearts and give me the strength and inspiration I need to write yet another irreverent blog.