Behind the Desk 77: I Am Equal Part Mr. Rogers And Katt Williams
BYT at large | Jan 4, 2013 | 1:45PM |

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I am equal parts Mr. Rogers and Katt Williams.

What started as a joke has revealed itself to be a sad truth. I am equal parts Mr. Rogers and Katt Williams.

I love meeting new people and learning about what they love. I also love pretending a microphone is a penis on my head.


I want to take listeners and audience members on a trip to the land of make believe. Sometimes I go too far and only take myself to the land of make believe.

I believe in truth and beauty and the innocence of children. I believe in the United States of America.

I enjoy jazz. I enjoy rap.

I want to retire at the top of my game, wearing comfortable shoes and a Kurt Cobain t-shirt.

I grew up watching Mr. Rogers every morning before school. My mom would turn on PBS to get me excited for the day ahead. I’ve spent the last six Christmas Eve’s watching Katt Williams specials. My mom would turn on Showtime, HBO and BET to get me excited for the pimping ahead.
This Christmas I drove to and from Chicago. I watched a Katt Williams special. I visited the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. I saw Mr. Rogers’s cardigan, shoes, puppets, sets and wept. I am equal parts Katt Williams and Mr. Rogers.

Do I want this? Of course not. Katt Williams slaps people. He preaches ignorance, sexism and racism. He’s short. But I am this. Take away every single word Katt Williams says and he’s great! Lots of using a mic as a prop, dancing and sliding around the stage. That’s fun! That’s bringing joy into the world It’s just the words that are the crazy!

I do want the Mr. Rogers influence. He calms the world down. He preaches the gospel of care, hard work and understanding. Katt Williams does one of those things. That’s better than nothing.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful night. We survived the Kattpacalypse. It’s time to get right with god.