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all photos: Nick Ballezza
all words: Aaron Baird

So, dudes… You’re still killing it.
This is DC. Your hometown. A bunch of us are here; I hear it’s sold out.
I’ve seen you before. A few times, in fact. Couple of my friends haven’t. You look sharp out there. Nice jacket.
First impressions are key.
That’s probably why I like you guys. That UPenn frat party? Sure was a helluva start. 8pm/10pm/12am three-peat in the City? The Queen Mary? Good looks? Great looks.
Onward and upward.
You played my favorite jams tonight. Choicest cuts. Haven’t heard ‘em in a while.
Made me remember the early comparisons tonight. U2, etc. Etc.
Could’ve been your best.
But, I always feel that way after we share an evening.
We’re older now. I’ve always looked forward to being nostalgic with you. Makin’ memories to listen to.
It’s a crime that I complain.
And yea, Tennis was lovely. Great hair. Great pipes. Good tunes.
They made my gimlet delicious.

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