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Gentleman, if there’s one thing you will don at Sharks and Lasers this Friday, it better be a bow tie. None of that clip-on business though, you’re no longer a six year old ring bearer at your cousins wedding. While some are still intimidated by the process, here’s four easy steps to get you on Bond’s level. Just remember at the end of the night to return to step one, with the bow tie draped across the shirt and a martini in hand. Extra classy and suave, just like Bond himself.




Drape the bow tie across you collar, with one end hanging lower than the other.




Cross the loose ends, bring the longer end up through the hole near your collar button. You can now fold the short side in a “Z” shape, starting the bow shape that’ll come together in seconds.




Perhaps the trickiest part, but don’t stop now. Take the top part, semi-cinching the “z” shape you made with the opposite end. Place a finger on the cinch, and begin to fold your remaining loose end. Pull that fold through a little hold behind the cinch, and remember, opposites attract: you should be pulling a loop through that hole, so that the looped ends are on opposite sides.




Pull snugly. You can tighten the tie by pulling on opposite ends: loops and loops, or the two flaps.




These ties are plenty easy to find. Hit up these online retailers or their brick and mortar outposts in and around the District.


Silk Bow Tie – $39.90 (Express)

Self-Tie Black Bow Tie – $20.23 (sale!) (Jos. A. Bank)

Polo Ralph Lauren Solid Silk Bow Tie – $85.00 (Ralph Lauren)