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Get ready to countdown to Pride Month with Smithsonian presents: Project Pride! This Sunday, 5/31 at 8pm on YouTube, hosted by Ari Shapiro.

We’ve put together the perfect pre-pride evening with an AMAZING lineup, and a FREE virtual concert and time capsule experience that you are not going to want to miss.

Step 1:
Alert the Group Chat and Set Up A Zoom/ Google Hangout / Kast

This is definitely not a drill, we’re bringing Dorian Electra, VINCINT, Big Freedia, Rufus Wainwright, and so many more straight into your home from 8pm – 10pm on Sunday evening. RSVP is not required but send everyone the link so they can stay in the loop/ get reminders! RSVP HERE
We’re using Google Hangouts for ours because lol I am not paying for zoom.

Step 2:
Turn On Some Great Tunes

We put together the ultimate Project Pride playlist featuring every performer! Check it out here.  Currently really loving In Your Care – Bright Light Bright Light, Be Me – VINCINT, and If I Were You – CLAUD.

Step 3:
Put on Proper Project Pride Viewing Attire

We put together this moodboard with two of our most stylish performers – Nakhane and Dorian Electra to for some general ideas. We also recommend checking out the entire video for Nakhane’s New Brighton because it is visually stunning and full of inspiration.

Step 4:
Mix yourself a fun cocktail / mocktail/ pour yourself some coffee!

We suggest a classic that our friends at Nellie’s Sports Bar have brought to some of our events (and it was a featured cocktail at our 2019 Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival).


1.5 oz  Vodka
3 oz Club Soda
Rubber Duck

How to Mix
Fill a glass with ice (highball if you have one & want to be fancy)
Mix in Vodka and club soda
Garnish with duck
(recipe adapted from Drizly)

More fun Pride cocktails we found while doing a google here.

Step 4:
Tune in Sunday at 8pm
Set yourself up a youtube reminder at this link and get ready to start Pride Month off in the best, socially distant, way possible!

You’re all set! Ready for Pride New Year in 5… 4…. 3…. 2…1….

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