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Passing the Microsoft MD-100 exam requires a better understanding of what it entails and how to implement smart study approaches. The IT professionals who have been successful in this test before implemented smart study approaches. MS-500 Microsoft 365 Security Administration Instead of taking difficult tasks, they smartly balanced their resources for success.

As you are getting set to take Microsoft MD-100, it is important to know that it picks up from the retired 70-698 exam. If you had done this previous option, you only need to sit for Microsoft MD-100 to get certified and obtain Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate. Passing the Microsoft MD-100: Author: Callum K Windows 10 certification test means that you are capable of deploying, securing, configuring, managing, and monitoring devices and client apps from an enterprise perspective. You have what it takes to manage identity, updates, access, apps, and policies.

In this article, we want to give you some recommendations on how you can take the Microsoft MD-100 test and where you need to start. So, let’s look at the following tips:

  • Understand what the exam entails

The starting point of any certification exam is to have an understanding of what it covers. The knowledge comes in handy in determining how to structure your study time. It can also help you figure out whether a certain course suits you or not. Author: Curtis L Thus, you need to know that this test consists of 40-60 questions and you will have 150 minutes to clear all of them and get 700 points. Microsoft MD-100 sources questions from four key areas. These are the following:

  • Deploying Windows – 15-20%;
  • Managing Devices and Data – 35-40%;
  • Configuring Connectivity – 15-20%;
  • Maintaining Windows – 25-30%.

As you can see, each of these topics has a certain percentage range. The ranges represent the percentage of questions that the objective contributes in the exam. Evidently, you need to have a better grasp of Windows maintenance and management of devices and data. Author: Hezekiah M You should also set aside ample time to study other domains.

  • Choose a preferred course

Once you know what the exam covers, you can proceed to choose your course of actions. Be sure to review available training courses because not all of them impart necessary skills. Preferably, you may want to consider the ones from the Microsoft platform. It has a series of training from different instructors. Author: Finnley N Since they are the certified tutors, you can expect quality training from them. Besides these courses, other study materials that you can use include:

  • Books;
  • Study groups;
  • Practice tests;
  • Online learning communities.

In addition, you may find exam dumps to be helpful in terms of understanding the structure of Microsoft MD-100 and how questions are framed. They are really good assistants.

  • Have a study plan

If you are not creating a schedule, you are technically planning to fail. Make sure that you develop a study plan on how you intend to prepare for the Microsoft MD-100 exam. Be sure to consider your busy schedule and everyday tasks in this blueprint. Do not ignore factors as simple as your lunch break. Author: Briggs O Finding time to prepare is the overall essence of your plan. If you often wake up at 7 am to prepare for work, you may consider waking up 2 hours early to first study. If you are not a morning person, you may choose to extend your sleeping time.


Consider these tips as you get ready for the Microsoft MD-100 certification exam. Do not forget to incorporate practice tests in your overall plan. You may also want to look at exam dumps, but don’t forget to use them only with other prep tools.