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People take a lot of pictures of their pets on their mobile phones every day. But professional photos are one unique way to apprehend the moments that you might not be able to get yourself in high-resolution files for printing and splitting. But if you have a pro back lens, you could get in the picture too.

Here we have tried to mention some points on how to pick a pet photographer, planner shoot, and make it a joyful and parking experience for you and your pet. Where studio portraits are very significant, these steps are for outdoor and naturally lit photos. So, don’t ignore the weather before you plan to go!

Be flexible while choosing a location for the photo shoot.

What could be the best place for a photoshoot with dogs? The answer is wherever you and your dog are satisfied with getting your photos clicked. The photographer may provide you with some recommendations, and they will presumably suggest the time of the day when the lighting will be best.

You could also take a photo walk around your neighborhood, your favorite park, murals across your street, or a historic churchyard nearby. Years from now, you will be competent in looking back and cherishing your daily routine.

Of course, when it comes to photography, dogs’ versatility is the only key. Always be prepared for modifying plans if the weather is not cooperating if your photographer is hit by revelation, or your dog starts to lose patience in the whole process. There is also a possibility that pictures taken in your backyard may end up being in your favorites.

Finding a photographer

Finding the right photographer for the photo shoot is the most necessary point to be taken care of. Here are some tips that may help you in finding a great pet photographer:

  • Ask your friends and family for reference.
  • Check the bulletin board at your local wait for the pet supply store.
  • Try searching on the internet.
  • Search hashtags like #petphotographer and #dogphotographer on Instagram.

CanvasPop allows you to create a custom portrait that perfectly captures your pet and their personality. You may visit their websites and see their portfolios. It will assist you in narrowing down your fancied technique of photographs.

  • Upload and customize

Upload your selected image. Practically speaking, images of any size will work. Please choose from one of our recommended sizes, styles, or colors and make a print uniquely your own.

  • Examine your print

Once CanvasPop creators have finished designing your print preview. You will receive an email with your free digital print proof for approval. Canvas pop is here to serve you and make sure that your order is flawless before they send it for printing.

  • Shipped to you with care

CanvasPop is going to take care of the rest. Your dog portraits will be crafted by hand and addressed to you in a few days.

Also, talk to your photographer in real life and try to think of it as a two-way interview for finding out that you are the right match for each other. The photographer should be friendly, passionate, and honest about their experience and pricing. Answer their questions honestly, trust their expertise, and feasibly you may book a photoshoot very soon.


Dress for the occasion

Your dog is the original star of the shoot so try starting with them. But pack some safe wet wipes for them in case they need touch-ups during the day. If your pup likes being dressed up, bring an outfit or hat. But you should not worry about their looks too much as you want portraits of your dog so that they look real life.

Always remember that you may be moving around a lot, so look fashionable but also try being realistic. It will help you if you are satisfied with crouching, sitting on the ground, walking, and going all around the day.

Take lots of water and treats

Bring plenty of water along and treats for gifting your dog for being such a good model. Also, pack a bag with the usual things necessary during a dog walk

  • Water
  • Travel bowl or dog water bottle
  • Poop bags
  • Blanket for a break during the day
  • Treats for the dog and snacks for yourself and the photographer

Let your dog be a dog.

It will be fascinating for you to pose the entire shoot with your puppy but being honest, not all dogs can set to have their portrait taken. You took an infrequent number of pictures of your dogs in mid-bark or steering in different directions. It could be a benefit for you as you want pictures of them being themselves.

And that would turn great for you as your dog might not need to look at the camera or stand where you want them. Do not worry very much as the pictures will still turn out magnificent. Always let the photographer bother about seizing the moment and let your dog be a dog.