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How to find/spot/offend/and then befriend a visiting celebrity in DC in several (12) muy easy steps:
1. Head out, randomly, into the (school) night. Only plan includes: go to Bar Pilar, use photobooth, go home, nap.
2. Run into people you know at Bar Pilar who inform you that it may be a good idea to go to the Cat since David Arquette is there and maybe, just maybe, he’ll agree to partake in the photobooth adventure.
3. You go to the Cat. Which is empty. Aside from Chad behind and David in front of bar.
4. You order whiskey shots for both yourself, your friends AND David Arquette (who at this point still has no idea who you are and as such sneaks away into the backstage where there is a movie showing. The Cat schedule indicates that the movie is “The Cramps Live”). You obviously believe the Cat schedule blindly.
5. You do your shots.

6. You follow David backstage (in a totally non-threatening, non-stalker like fashion, of course).
7. You realize the movie shown is NOT “The Cramps Live”, and as any person would you get up (in front of David) and announce that you are “boycotting this movie as it is NOT “The cramps”

8. Someone (as in Jeff) informs you that this movie is in fact “The Tripper” and that David Arquette directed it and is at the Cat to specially promote it

9. You walk out.
10. Do some more shots

11. David walks out, you offer your apologies for boycotting his movie and ask to take some photos, bcse you know, WHY NOT?
12. So drinks in hand, abandoned 14th street as a set up, we do this magical series.observe and learn my friends.

gagging celebrities with their own promo material optional.we then proceeded to go to a champagne roof party and David probably filed a restraining order. Suhweet.