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Last week I had the pleasure of attending a four-course, entirely-Guinness-based meal at De Gustibus Cooking School (which has just been beautifully remodeled, by the way…) for an early nod to Saint Patrick’s Day. This wasn’t an ordinary eat-it-and-forget-it meal, though; Guinness Storehouse Executive Chef Justin O’Connor gave live demonstrations of how to cook everything on the menu, while Guinness Storehouse Ambassador Aaron Ridgeway told us about the history of Guinness, as well as how to pair the beers properly AND how to pour them properly from the tap, though I’m not sure the latter is a skill I’ll use on the regular, unless I’m destined to become the world’s worst bartender. (Very possible, you never know.)

The menu consisted of the following: to start, we had a grilled Guinness oyster sabayon (with cabbage and bacon incorporated, because how could you not?), followed by Guinness brown bread and Guinness-cured salmon with pickled vegetables (for real the best lox I have ever eaten), plus Guinness-braised beef and barley risotto for the entree (SO GOOD) and a chocolate lava cake with Guinness ice cream for dessert. (Not to mention the Guinness and bubbly cocktail we had at the start, followed by a flight of four different Guinness varieties…)

ANYHOW, the food was delicious (as were the drinks, but that probably goes without saying), and while I can’t promise you’ll get the exact same results tomorrow (there is SOME skill in the kitchen required…), I’m going to pass the fairly straightforward recipes on to you below so you can give them a go! (Because if all else fails, you’ll be loaded up with plenty of Guinness in which to drown your sorrows!)


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