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Merriweather’s final party of the year is this weekend, and it’s unlike anything that’s been there before. OPUS 1 is a free festival that combines art, music and technology. Expect surreal projections, amazing music and some very cool art related tech, including a machine that projects your brain waves. Usually getting to Merriweather requires convincing a friend to drive / renting a car / spending all of your money on Lyft, but lucky for you, the folks behind OPUS 1 are taking care of everything.

Enjoy complimentary direct transportation by hopping on the OPUS 1 bus! All buses are free of charge. Spaces cannot be reserved and seats are first come, first serve.
Buses will depart from pickup locations at Dupont Circle at the corner of 20th and Q Streets NW and Mount Vernon at the intersection of L and 7th Street NW.

Buses will run direct loops to and from the event. First departures to OPUS 1 leave at 4:00 p.m. from Dupont Circle and will run on the hour. Last bus leaves OPUS at 11 p.m.

Have fun you crazy kids, and don’t forget to RSVP here!