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Whether you need a Halloween costume, want some vintage inspiration, or hope to be transported into Twin Peaks by dressing the part, here are the must-haves for each of your favorite Twin Peaks characters. Luckily, most of them wore the same outfit daily. But before you purchase anything, I bet you can find at least one of these items in your parents’ attic.

Log Lady


  • Log – Fake logs ain’t cheap, so I suggest wandering your backyard until you find one that speaks to you. The log pillow looks quite nice, though, and wouldn’t be a hassle to carry around.
  • Red glasses Party City is your best bet. But if you have a Claire’s or Icing in a mall near you (and a red holiday is coming up), you’re golden.
  • Sweater – Must be ugly.
  • Flannel – Must be uglier.
  • Turtleneck – Ask your grandparents to hook you up.
  • Bolo tie – I always wondered what those things were called. You should have seen what I Googled…

Agent Cooper


  • Trench Coat – It can be recycled for later use.
  • Voice recorder – If you’re going to do it, do it right. The Realistic Micro Cassette Recorder goes from $14.95 to $69.99 on ebay.
  • Mug – You could just take one out of your dishwasher, OR you can be a true super fan by purchasing a Twin Peaks mug.
  • 80’s suit – I suppose a regular suit would do, BUT you would definitely need the Twin Peaks mug then and the voice recorder.

Audrey Horne


  • Red lipstick – Absolutely necessary for seduction. Audrey knew what she was doing.
  • Eyebrow pencil – The darker, the better.
  • Long plaid skirt – If you’d prefer a vintage pencil skirt, try your luck at thrift shops, like Second Time Around and/or blank.
  • Sweater – Any simple crew neck you have at home would work just as well, too, and Goodwill has one too many.
  • Blouse – I would go with the sweater, but if you find the right blouse (especially a black and white one), people over 30 will definitely know who you are.


  • Gray wig – This one is described as hot and sexy, so Bob would be proud.
  • Jean button down– These are in guys, so here’s your excuse to purchase one.
  • Jean jacket – Jean on jean on jean. Canadian suit.

Laura Palmer


  • Tiara – Let’s be honest, you have one of these lying around somewhere.
  • Prom dress – Now is your chance to break out that old prom dress you never thought you would wear again.
  • Plastic– Surprisingly (or not surprisingly), more people dress up like dead Laura.
  • Light blue lipstick – Key to looking dead.

The Man From Another Place


  • Red sports coat– You might think you can get away without wearing a coat, but no you cannot….unless you’re under five feet, then maybe…
  • Red button down -This can be worn again, so it’s a quality purchase.
  • Red pants – You might already own these if you’re a frat boy.
  • Elf ears – Without these, you’ll just look like someone who thinks they look REALLY good in red.
  • Red suit – Instead of buying different pieces, you could invest in this.