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Everyone has been through a lot in 2020, owing to the pandemic that has fast crippled economies. Well, not everything about this year is going to go wrong. The light at the end of this tunnel is that special someone in your life- that person giving you backrubs and showing you memes to keep you happy. Your ride or die. The wind beneath your wings and all that. It is time to come up with anniversary date ideas that will blow their mind. But with the lockdown, is there a way to do this? The answer is yes. Romance is not all about going out and dinner reservations during foreign trips. It comes down to the simple things as follows:

Enjoy a Movie Night

Sure, in the past, you could buy tickets to incredible movies and enjoy them over popcorn amongst other couples. You no longer have this luxury, and that may be a good thing. Maybe you need to remember what it was like to be just the two of you. You can do this by watching a movie you watched early on in your relationship. Whether it is action, horror, romance, or any other genre, the goal here is to watch the movie together. Grab a blanket and cuddle as you enjoy some home-made snacks. Can it get cozier?

Cook Together

With cooking, there are so many ideas you can embrace and with success. You can try a recipe you have been dying to get your hands on. With the many challenges on social media, you can find something easy to make. Or you can go a step further and dig deeper into your romantic history. Think about the first meal you two ever shared. It could be one on your first date or one from the day you first met. Or think about a meal you both enjoy.

Make the night even better by dressing up as chefs and handing each other menus for the night. You both know what’s for dessert.

Make your Vows

This activity works in two ways. If you have walked down the aisle, you did make some vows to each other. Maybe you went with the traditional ‘with this ring I thee wed.’ Or you came up with something that had your spouse fighting back the tears. How about you read these vows to each other? It would be like marrying each other again. You can use this do-over as a chance to embellish your vows. It helps, more so if you stumbled over the words the first time. This time around, you probably have a lot more to say.

You are yet to tie the knot in the second instance but cannot wait to do so. It could be that you are already engaged with each other, and the lockdown altered your plans. Now would be an excellent time to practice saying those vows out loud. Tell your partner how you feel about them. Go all in, not holding any of the sweet words back.

Make an album

You probably have a ton of pictures of you and your loved one. There is a lot you can do with these during this special occasion. You can make collages, create videos, and even come up with an album. The photos will remind you of the beautiful memories you share and will make the day even more memorable. As you view the photos, you can take a walk down memory lane. Back to when you first held hands, when you first kissed and all the little moments you both shared.

Have a Lazy Day

Given that you cannot go out and dine out as you would have, you can stay in all day. Get into some pajamas and make some comfort food. Snuggle in bed or on the couch all day as you do your favorite lazy day things. You can watch series, give each other massages and play trivia games, as well as other activities. You can also enjoy a few drinks as you bask in the comfort of your loved one.

2020 may have had a rough start. But you have your partner with you, and that is a gift that keeps on giving. Enjoy it!