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I’ve developed a lot of alarmingly “grown-up” hobbies during the pandemic, you guys. One of them is looking at properties to buy. You may be going, “You’re a thirty-two year old lady! That’s actually p. normal!”, but trust me, this is like…the antithesis of who I was eight months ago. Back in the golden days I felt okay eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos as a meal, or leaving my house past midnight to go to catch a DJ set. Now I’m glued to @cheapoldhouses and can’t stop watching YouTube videos about people buying up houses on the cheap and renovating them. For example, people are apparently trying to breathe life back into Wheeling, West Virginia? That’s not necessarily a place I’d have considered for anything besides a pit stop back when I went to college in Ohio, but it actually seems kind of cool? Am I hallucinating?

I’m also following Austin Flipsters, who bought a DOOZIE for like $5000 at auction, and then proceeded to turn it into something dope:

And that’s just in the US! Don’t even get me started on international properties. The flippin’ algorithm has me pinned down, so now I’m suddenly emotionally invested in the lives of people like Naomi and Jack, a British couple who just snagged a house in Sweden for £8,500:

Basically, I have started daydreaming about snapping up a house on the cheap, but also I have literally no knowledge of how to go about it. THEY DON’T TEACH YOU THIS STUFF IN SCHOOL.

The good news is that there are professionals who can assist. For example, the THRIVE Team at Compass Real Estate is offering an hour-long crash course covering basics like the overall process and how to get started, plus they’ll talk about local lenders who can help navigate pre-approval and financing, settlement attorneys to demystify all the legal jargon, and they’ll introduce some first-timers who can share their own experiences buying in the DC area.

Even if you’re not dreaming of a bargain basement fixer-upper like ya gurl, there are obviously some deals to be had due to our current circumstances, so it’s not a bad idea to consider signing up for the free sessions, which are happening Tuesday (10/27), Wednesday (10/28) and Thursday (10/29) from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM via Google Hangouts.


In sum: should I buy a whole ghost town and turn it into a commune for me and my friends? (Because I kind of think I should buy a whole ghost town and turn it into a commune for me and my friends.)

Featured thumbnail via Austin Flipsters