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If you’re just now joining us, be sure to check out our first round-up; it offers a lot of solid foundational information on how to start your journey towards being a good ally. (It is a journey, so get ready to put in the work.) Additionally, here’s last week’s round-up. This week we continue with important things to read and do in the fight for racial justice:

“Cultural appropriation is about more than wearing a certain outfit, changing the way you speak, dancing a particular way, or choosing a specific look. It’s about power dynamics.” A reminder that cultural appropriation is not okay via Shivani Persad’s Cosmopolitan piece.

“Too often though the most dangerous choice is to simply do nothing – say nothing because it feels uncomfortable.” Forbes gives 8 tactics for broaching conversations around race in the workplace.

“As the country confronts unaddressed systemic racism and bias, many are searching for ways to promote racial justice. Well, one way is to literally invest in racial justice, putting your dollars — no matter the amount — into funds, banks, projects and businesses that promote and advance people of color.” WBUR explores ways to invest that are helpful to promoting racial justice.

There have been a lot of claims that big corporations have made donations to Black Lives Matter, but not all of them are true. 

Seattle Opera is using this moment as an opportunity to create equity in their art form through its next Community Conversation: Crescendo for Racial Justice in Opera.” Tune in for today’s convo via Zoom.

Amplified virtual concert will take place on August 21 at 8PM ET on YouTube. The event will raise funds for BFRJ’s Emergency Assistance Fund, which will launch on September 1.” Set an alarm to tune in and donate.

In the wake of the protests that have swept the nation over the past few months against police brutality and systemic racism, classical music is at last addressing its deep-rooted institutional biases. As musicians of color come forward to share their stories of racial injustice, organizations and individuals are being held accountable for their actions and encouraged to take responsibility for effectuating meaningful change moving forwards.” Lia Pikus writes about racism in classical music.

Cannabis Doing Good aims to build a network of purpose-driven companies through the launch of a membership program and a consumer-facing business directory.” Keep an eye on CDG; they’re working on cool things.

“She sees that as progress, but says white people need to be willing to do the hard work and not expect Black people to explain racism, she said, ‘because we are tired of it.'” If you’re truly dedicated to being an ally, there’s a long and uncomfortable road ahead; don’t let it scare you away, but don’t lose sight it, either.

Lastly, check out this chat Alok Menon had to Hodan Warsame; they tackle issues related to racism in Holland, specifically, but there are some great universal takeaways here:

Thank you – please stay safe, mobilized and vigilant out there.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, which is why we’ll be continuing to update on a weekly basis. If you have suggestions, or experiences you’d want to share – we have this platform, and would like to offer it up to you – please feel free to get in touch anytime by emailing [email protected]