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As of today, DC has officially entered Phase One of its reopening process. Since we were curious to find out how people were feeling about the decision, we kicked off an open dialogue with a few friends yesterday, inviting all of you to join in the conversation. And as of this morning, a lot of you have! Here are some of the comments we’ve received so far; some are more optimistic than others, but it seems everyone agrees that wariness is very merited. Keep the thread going at its original location, or feel free to start a new one below. (You can also ALWAYS talk to us via social media // @brightestyoungthings on IG, @BYT on Twitter, #BYThings everywhere.)

“Seems way too soon given that DC isn’t really over it’s peak. I understand the urge to start up businesses again, but people shouldn’t be forced to make these choices. If we as a society had a functional and rational government then we would be caring financially for individuals and businesses and better able to ride it out until it is truly safe to reopen.”

“It wasn’t a great look when D.C. changed its metrics for reopening, and then when even those changed metrics showed a spike in new cases they only went back three days rather than starting over. Those decisions may or may not have been warranted, at least o some extent, but they don’t really inspire confidence in the city government’s ability to use data appropriately. (For reference.) As a result, I have no plans to be a guinea pig for this experiment–I can wait to use restaurants and hair salons for at least a month or so longer, until the results are clear.”

“Nope. The state I’m from is still under stay-at-home order through early June even though they are seeing a downtick in cases. Changing the metrics to fit the narrative you want does not inspire confidence. Maybe if the mayor had been honest and said, “we’ve decided that we are confident enough to open based on hospital capacity and here’s the rationale…” but the lack of transparency leaves me feeling unsafe. Also, opening for hair cuts makes absolutely NO sense based on science because that is a HIGH risk activity. It’s not that I want to be locked down forever, it’s that I want a plan I can trust, and I’m not hearing that.”

“I feel iffy about the reopening, but have made a reservation to eat at my favorite local restaurant tonight with the intention of supporting their workers. I realize they’re probably under a lot of pressure to reopen and if they’re going to go to the financial and physical risk of doing so, I want to be sure they’re getting a full seating. We’ll wear masks etc. etc. Again, I don’t know how I feel about it but want to show up for those who have to be there.” 

“I’m glad that local businesses that may have not been able to operate prior to Friday (retail, etc.) will have a chance to welcome new sales to keep them afloat but for the business that operate pretty much exclusively around person-to-person interactions (restaurants, performing arts, etc.) this could lead to an uptick of cases in the area. Though the government isn’t explicitly saying so I believe the nationwide move to reopen the country is their way of trying to make ‘herd immunity’ happen. Be safe everyone and continue to support local businesses within reason.”

In all of this, don’t overlook those who work with the public at important-but-not-first-responder agencies in DC and elsewhere (libraries, for example) who are being asked to come back and serve (physically, we’ve been offering virtual services all along) with safety plans that many feel are vague and inadequate…”

Remember to let us know what you think about all of this, or if you’re back to work in Phase One, or if you’ve visited newly reopened businesses, or etc.! Regardless, STAY SAFE and STAY HEALTHY!

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