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In the early part of 2020, Netflix was already the central hub for our streaming entertainment, and Spotify accrued six million more subscribers, bringing their total listenership to 130 million paid-users. There is no arguing that streaming is a central part of our entertainment kicks in this era, but how has tech has specific benefits in the entertainment industry during this year? Find out below!

Streaming Supported 2020 Artists

When some artists were not allowed to go to their usual venues and showcase their talents or work, Facebook stepped up to help these people continue to provide their creative work and make an income from it. Artist like musicians, DJs and even artists could always live stream their performance or gallery tour on social media. Still, Facebook decided to make it possible for artists to charge fans to join the stream and donate money. The idea behind the new change was to provide a platform for people who could no longer work and still earn an income from it. Thus, live streaming on this platform has not just kept us entertained, but it has helped artists to survive.

Streaming Kept eSports Ticking

Streaming in the gaming world has always been popular. Platforms like YouTube and Twitch are filled with gaming channels. And the growing success of live casino games have made it possible to play casino games online but have an experience similar to a real casino visit. Ultimately, this technology has been a driving force behind the development of gaming. But eSports gaming has benefited even more from streaming in 2020 than fans may have imagined. Many eSports tournaments transferred from in-stadium events to online games that were streamed for fans to watch from the comfort of home. This boosted interest in eSports from other sports fans who would have otherwise been watching football, ice hockey, tennis, golf etc.

Streaming for Fitness Businesses

One of the biggest concerns for many of us in 2020 was how we would exercise without gyms open and our yoga centres firmly closed. Not everyone wants to go jogging and fitness businesses capitalised on the demand for home workouts using streaming technology. Pilates instructors, yogis and personal trainers came up with innovative sessions delivered from their home to your insert makeshift exercise room. Whether you worked out from your kitchen or your bedroom floor, streaming was what made it possible for you to exercise and for fitness professionals to maintain an income.

It has become apparent that streaming in 2020 was not just for the consumer to access entertainment, but to help businesses and individuals continue to operate during an unstable and challenging period. It’s another visitor for technology in the modern economy!


feature image via Unsplash /Parker Byrd