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The industry of used vehicles is not only about buying cars at budget-friendly rates, but it is also the market where human interaction means a lot. First, the trading skills of vendors and buyers influence the final price of the deal. Honesty and openness of a previous owner influence the feeling a potential buyer has got while making a decision, whether the car is new or you are trying to sell a junk car.

However, this is also the niche that attracts frauds and swindlers who are trying to sell old and worn-out vehicles at the rate of those that are in almost perfect condition. For instance, odometer fraud is one of the most widespread types of cheating customers on the market of used vehicles. Mileage of a car is one of the most important indices that show the real state of a vehicle.

How to Recognize the Odometer Fraud

Of course, if you ask a vendor if the data on the odometer is correct, you will get a positive response. A reseller may even not know if it has been changed. As it is impossible to detect the fraud by an odometer itself, the inner and outer state of the vehicle can give you hints.

  1. Ask for a VIN and investigate the matter on your own. Aside from the true information on the mileage, you will know the real state of a vehicle. A vehicle history report is the most objective information that can be used to decide on acquiring a certain car.
  2. Check the state of the wheel and gear lever. If they look worn out, it means that a vehicle has been in use for a long time. By comparing this with figures of mileage, it is possible to conclude if they are true. Vendors are resorting to change the cover material of the wheel and lever. Ask for pictures before this change and what the reasons for changing are.
  3. Have a look at the accelerator and brake pedals (and clutch if available). While lots of sellers replace the wheel or change its cover, some may forget that the state of pedals also changes when a car is often used.
  4. Checking the trunk and rear right side seat can help understand if a vehicle was used as a taxi. Nowadays, it rarely happens because a taxi car has got a certain color of paint, though, such vehicles still appear in the markets of used cars.

Buying a used car is always risky. The reason is not only in someone’s wish to cheat you but also in the possible accidental failure of a certain assembly of a vehicle. Undoubtedly, the better you are prepared for the purchase, the more information you find out, the fewer troubles are expected in the future. Be careful and suspicious while choosing a used car and always try to get the proofs of anything you are being told by a vendor.