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As you may have heard via the foodie gossip grapevine last week, Bar Pilar is set to expand their space in the Spring of 2011. The restaurant will add a second floor dining room, designed by neighborhood firm Studio Smith (led by Bill Smith, who, as a regular the restaurant really knows and loves the place, and therefore makes a perfect choice for the expansion), and also, expand the kitchen substantially (Justin Bittner, who is one of our favorite local chefs, currently operates out of a teeny 4 burner kitchen in the back, so one can’t help but look forward to what he comes up with once given a little extra room to stretch his culinary wings, although according to him –” the menus will not change. The new kitchen will allow our team to expand upon current creativity and serve several more diners during dinner.”

According to John Snellgrove, Director of Operations at Novel Foods, the management group behind Bar Pilar and sister eatery, Café Saint-Ex – “The expansion is a result of a couple factors. For one, the space above Bar Pilar became available. Also, we have listened to customers and understand from their feedback that there is just not enough seating, “

Design wise-expect The upstairs dining room décor will remain consistent with Bar Pilar’s eclectic design, and will feature a wall adorned in antique stained doors, ornate Cuban tiles and unique art from local artists (the Raven Arts which is currently occupying the upstairs space will not close but rather move to another 14th street location).

Here are some renderings (including one exclusive one) of what to expect. Now, the only questions we have is: WHY IS IT NOT SPRING ALREADY?