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by Lauren Jones

OK so here’s the deal. I’m pretty sure I met the O.G. when he channeled me to try his House of Falafel food truck this week. His name is Naceur and he’s from Tunisia. He also has 19 years of experience selling street food—maybe you’ve spotted his falafel cart on the GWU campus? Naceur insists that he’s the original falafel truck in Washington and that all other competitors are unimaginative bastards (ok, he didn’t say bastards, I did). And he did randomly offer a customer a job at his restaurant in Petworth. So, there’s that.

HOF food

Everyone knows there are a billion falafel trucks on DC but what drew me to this one was Naceur in his stripped apron asking me what I was doing with a camera. So, naturally, I went with it. And you know what? I’m happy that I did.

HOF serves gyros, schwarma and platters. I got the combination plate that came with chicken, beef, stuffed grape leaves, couscous, hummus, pita, falafel, mixed vegetables and a salad. Basically, everything that you want out of a Mediterranean lunch makes an appearance. Here’s why it was great: It was a TON of food that I actually found to be quite tasty and it only cost about $9. HOF cooks to order on the truck and also has options for vegans and gluten free peeps. It’s an “everyone’s welcome” kind of place.

There have definitely been some HOF haters on the interwebs and yeah, their website may not actually exist but I found that the HOF brings mobile ethnic cuisine to the streets in a really good way. Let’s not forget that the falafel is one of the founding fathers of the awesomeness that is quick, greasy street food. Amen. Try them on Twitter at @HouseofFalafel

HOF truck