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Ok, so Lexie was a little slack in getting her photo gift guide in to us before the holidays, but it’s ok, we love her, so we’re just gonna call it “Hot Photographic Needs for 2008”.


As always, comment with more suggestions.

What: Polaroid 600 film
Why: The bulky mess and methodology of loading and reloading these Polaroids by the ten pack and pulling and plucking out your mind-blowing creations are long-handed but full throttle therapeutic gestures I could never reprieve.
How Much: About 14 bucks for a ten pack, but that and better, bulk rate some 600 ish over from Freestyle Photo Headquarters in Cali ‘cross the street from Denny’s on Sunset Bvld and don’t call it a day until you have received it in all of it’s retro-glory.
Worth it? Abso.


What: Lensbaby [spec, a selective focus lens for your most coveted SLR]
Why: I, for one, felt it hot and right to supe up my first love ergo purchasing one for my Minolta Maxxum5 35mm film cam.
How Much: Depends on the model, but my simple pick was a 100 bucks.
Worth it? You might hand-write me a thank you note because you’ll heart this so hard.


What: Adobe Suite CS3
Why: I’m sure you already have this sweet suite–I’m not trying to insult you–but just so we’re all clear it is the golden gateway to the professional world of digi-pop. Even if you got it from a pirate that you met on Halloween night–his trick is still your treat.
How Much: About 600 bone pieces.
Worth it? Until an updated version overrides it like a pony.


What: Lowel Ego Digital Imaging Light
Why: Same to the name, it boosts your ego, hailing as the best table top action money can buy. Turn it on and watch that Juergen Telleresque drop-shadow vanish on the dime.
How Much: About 100 dollar bills y’all.
Worth it? Yes, because otherwise the lighting looks nast, and Juergs already pulled the famous carpet out from under you and got famous for it.


What: Ricoh GR Digital II
Why: It wears one hot shoe, and, like it’s predecessor [the Ricoh GR] it is still elegant and simple and delicious, but maybe a whole new man inside.
How Much: Like, uh, 6 benjamins.
Worth it? For sure, because you can put it in your pooocket.


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