Hot Mess Express Vol. 7: Kanye Redux, Hurricane Boobs, & Kardashian Nips
BYT Staff | Nov 2, 2012 | 12:00PM |

Welcome back for your weekly dose of celebrity embarrassments and barely manageable awakwardness. This week Kanye West revisits a prior incident featured on a previous edition of H.M.E., Coco’s boobs act as hurricane barometers, and Khloe Kardashian is either too cold or just hot and bothered standing next to Mario Lopez:

Hot Mess Vol. 7 from BYT Media on Vimeo.

Recent Comments:
  • mimi says:

    coco is a brave soul, too bad there was no one out on the streets to enjoy the view. khloe’s nipples are more interesting than mario lopez’s hosting career will ever be.

  • Dorinda says:

    I love coco, imagine if her boobs were small? She would’ve flown away, thank Ice-T for those wonderful melons.

  • Yeezy says:

    Ayo, if Kanye even tried to smack me around a lil bit I would totally take it, I mean he’s Kanye West; in the morning he puts on his Kanye Vest, after that he brushes with some Kanye Crest.

    Also, I want a love like Ice and Coco.