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Christmas is 10 days away. We’re in the midst of Hanukkah. It’s the best time of year to stuff your face with holiday treats that will send you into a diabetic shock. Here are some photos of Christmas and Hanukkah desserts and drinks that should make your salivate.

Creole Kringle Cake available at Bayou Bakery, Coffee Bar & Eatery and Lil’ B

Holiday Fruitcake available at Blue Duck Tavern

Photo by Erin Reed

Traditional Yule Log available at Buzz Bakeshop

Photo by Rose Collins

King Leo Peppermint gelato available at Dolcezza

Photo by Farrah Skeiky

Yule Log available at Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe

Buche Foret Noire available at Le Diplomate

Photo by Nicholas Karlin

Yo Go, Glen Coco available at Miracle on 7th

Photos by Farrah Skeiky

Rum & Cocoa available at Osteria Morini

Exotic Christmas Yule Log available at Plume at The Jefferson

Coconut & Cream Winter Celebration Cake available at RareSweets

Photo by Scott Suchman

Hot Scotty available at Red’s Table

Riggsby Aged Egg Nog available at The Riggsby

Photo by Christopher DiRuggerio

Black Forest Buche de Noel available at 2941