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Words and Photos by Marissa Rubenstein

You LIVE mere steps (okay in some cases maybe a few hundred thousand steps) from some of the greatest and most importantly free museums in the country. But when’s the last time you actually went to the American History Museum? That 6th-grade field trip does not count.

Too many tourists you say? Well, we have the PERFECT opportunity for you to romp around the Instagrammers paradise completely without any tourists around. Just you, your friends, and Biz Markie (really though)

Anyway’s we thought, while we’re celebrating FREEDOM and AMERICA -we’d give you the chance to win a FREE pair of tickets! In fact, we’re giving you FIVE CHANCES.

Here’s how this works. We’re going to be Instagramming clues throughout the day, and we’ll update this post with our most up to date Instagrams. Just follow us on Instagram and follow the directions in the post to enter to win your free pair of tickets!

Don’t feel like waiting? Tickets are still on sale- but they’re going FAST! Grab yours now.

Ready to test your American History knowledge? Here’s your FIRST CHANCE to win

NUMERO UNO: We’ll start off easy- who is this a statue of? Comment below with the answer and we’ll pick a random correct answer as our winner.
NUMBER TWO: Dorothy’s RUBY SLIPPERS are kind of famous (especially considering they are sequined footwear) – to win this set of tickets comment below with the year the MGM’s Wizard of Oz came out in theaters!

IMG_3757THREE: So who’s cookbooks are these? Hint: She loved French cooking, a lot of people make fun of her voice and her ENTIRE KITCHEN is in the museum! Comment below iwth your answer + we’ll pick a random correct answer to win!


NUMBER FOUR: Are you ready to PARTY WITH PRINCE…’s guitar on Saturday? Comment below with WHAT STATE his Yellow Cloud Electric Guitar was made in to win! We (as we mentioned before) will pick a random correct answer to win a pair of tix!

IMG_3769NUMBER 5: Whose dress is this? Hint: It’s an INAUGURATION DRESS (and it only took us about 6 tries to spell inauguration!) Comment below with your answer- a random correct one will win!



Good luck! Keep checking back for more chances to win!