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All Photos: Chris Chen

The National Building Museum is one of the best hidden gems in this city.  They always get creative with their exhibitions. For example, their current exhibition on Hildreth Meière.  She was an integral part of the art deco movement creating drawings, paintings mosaics, leather works, gold leafed objects, and metal sculptures.  The drawings of the mosaics give only a hint at the scope of the mosaics created from them.  Wait until you see the deer in the last room; it’s seriously enormous.  Not only did she put art on the inside of buildings, but on the outside as well.  Google Image Search Hildreth Meière and you will see pictures of her work hung on the outside of Radio City Music Hall. Yeah, she was that good.  And, how about this, she incorporated mosaics, metal work, and gold leaf on those giant medallions.

She also loved nudes. In the exhibition you will see a sketch that she drew of this lady with draped fabric.  In the actual rendering of the art, she stripped her down.  Thanks feminism! Her men are especially epic, with swishy gestures, lightning bolts and an evolution of flying creatures including a pterodactyl. Again, A PTERODACTYL. She was also a master at making Indian warriors riding wild mustangs and griffins that look like their metal claws and beaks will attack you while your breath is taken away.

Go check out the opening of the exhibition this weekend. It’s a really great way to understand the creativity of buildings and the different kinds of art that can be integrated into them.

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