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By Jonny Grave

These are all photos from 2014, and all from Washington D.C. I think this sums up how I feel about both the year, and the city.

My City Is A Shoreline

I dreamt my city was a shoreline,
With waves of sunlight crashing over rooftops every morning.
The waves bend the city into a new world each day.

Some of the old castles are still standing.
Others have toppled over, waiting to be rebuilt.
Some of the hands that built the castles still hold them up.
And some are just ghosts, names on walls and windows.
The waves are ceaseless, bending the city into impossible forms.

Just like a dream.

We’re all living on the shoreline.
We walk it every day, strangers together.
Even if we’ll never meet again.
Even if we can’t speak the same language.
Even if we’ve only been able to walk upright for a few days.
We’re all on the shoreline of this city.

By ourselves,
or with people we’ve known our whole lives.

In the city, there are endless days of food.
And there are endless nights of working in the dark.
We look to the sky,
and carve into the earth.

And this city breathes music,
from every street corner,
to every basement,
to every stage.
Playing the new with the old.

I dreamt of a city full of stories.
Some have been here forever.
And some are still being written.
If you listen close, and do a bit of digging, you can hear them.
Then, maybe tell the whole world what you heard.

I dreamt my city was a shoreline.
I want to see where the waves carry me next.