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Stars and Metric are both hitting up the northeast corridor this weekend, and it wasn’t so long ago that Neko Case, Feist and Dan Bejar were indie’ing all over DC and NYC. Since it’s been a while since we’ve heard from our favorite Canadian super groups, we decided to check in on the two best Cannuck collectives, lest We Forgot It In Peo–ah, nevermind:

The critically acclaimed Canadian super-group The New Pornographers are comprised of one million members from all musical walks of life. After five successful albums, they have decided to take a breather. They have no plans to record a new album as of yet, but last month they reunited to record a cover of the song, “Think About Me,” for a Fleetwood Mac tribute album.

Check out how The New Pornographers have occupied their days over the last couple years:

Carl Newman: The undisputed leader of The New Pornographers has refocused his energy on his solo career (under the name A.C. Newman,) and is set to release his third album, “Shut Down the Streets” on October 9, 2012. The highly-anticipated record will feature contributions from The New Pornographers very own, Neko Case. He released the album’s first single, “I’m Not Talking” in August.

Dan Bejar: In addition to his work with The New Pornographers, the renowned singer/songwriter also serves as the lyrical mastermind and frontman of the indie-rock band, Destroyer. Last year and the band released their ninth LP, Kaputt, which came in earned them the highest critical acclaim of their career. Things got bizarre in March of last year when The New Yorker published an article about a visual artist, also named Dan Bejar, who modeled his looks after the singer and started a project based on their strange similarities called “The Googlegänger.”

Kathryn Calder: Calderwas a founding member of indie-pop band, Immaculate Machine, and didn’t officially become a member of The New Pornographers until 2006. (Fun fact: she’s Carl Newman’s niece.) Since the band’s hiatus, she released two solo albums — the most recent of which was a nominee for the prestigious Polaris Music Prize. In July of 2012, Calder accepted an offer to make a documentary chronicling her musical projects as well as the recent death of her mother.

Neko Case: Since The New Pornographers’ last album, the Alexandria, Virginia native collaborated with Nick Cave and recorded a cover of The Zombie’s song, “She’s Not There,” that was featured on HBO’s True Blood in 2011. Most recently, she released an original song called “Nothing to Remember” for the Hunger Games soundtrack and has worked with Carl Newman on his upcoming solo work.


Todd Fancey: Fancey co-wrote and performed the song “That One Night” on NBC’s The Office (in the episode Dinner Party, which was nominated for an Emmy,) the keyboardist/guitarist was then hired to write the music for Caprica, the Battlestar Galactica TV show prequel. Sadly (but not surprisingly,) Caprica was cancelled last year after only 18 episodes.

Kurt Dahle and John Collins: These two haven’t done much performance-wise since The New Pornographers last album, (probably because they’re both kind of old now). Last year, Dahle and Collins worked with Stevie Jackson (of Belle & Sebastian) on his debut solo album, “I Can’t Get No,” and both performed on the track “Dead Man’s Fall.”

Blaine Thurier: Although he played synthesizer in The New Pornographers, Thurier’s greatest passion has always been filmmaking. (In fact, he directed the band’s videos for “Use It,” “All for Swinging You Around,” and “The Laws Have Changed.”) He’s written and directed a few films and his work has been screened at SXSW and the TIFF. Most recently, he released a short documentary (“12 Takes”) in 2010.

Unlike The New Pornographers, unfortunately there’s no chance for a Broken Social Scene reunion. Last September, Kevin Drew announced that the band was calling it quits saying, “I think we’ve really gone as far as we can with playing these tunes. It comes down to Kenny Rogers: ‘You got to know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em.’” BSS played their final show (a 25-song set) in Rio de Janeiro on November 9, 2011. Here’s what the eclectic band members have been up to since the break-up.

Brendan Canning: Shortly after Broken Social Scene parted ways, the founding member and seasoned indie rocker formed yet another new a new band, Cookie Duster. The band released their debut album entitled “When Flying Was Easy,” on July 13, 2012. More recently, Canning confirmed that he would be scoring the upcoming neo-noir thriller, “The Canyons,” directed by Paul Schrader.

Evan Cranley, Amy Milan, and Torquil Campbell: These three vital members of BSS can currently be found singing, dancing, and playing everything from bass to mandolin in the increasingly popular indie-pop band, Stars. The group released their sixth studio album earlier this month and are currently on tour across the US.

James Shaw and Emily Haines: In addition to their work with Broken Social Scene, these two lovebirds are also founding members of the New Wave band, Metric. Earlier this summer, Metric released their fifth album, Synthetica, to immense critical acclaim and commercial success. They currently in the middle of a massive fall tour of both the US and Canada.

Feist: As a four-time Grammy nominee, Feist, is arguably the most successful musician involved in BSS. Since the band’s split, Feist devoted herself entirely to her solo project and released her fourth album, Metals, last September. The multitalented musician (who is also a filmmaker,) recently received three Juno awards for Artist of the Year, Adult Alternative Album of the Year, and Music DVD of the Year for her documentary, “Look What the Light Did Now.” The 36-year-old brunette songstress is set to take her tour to South America later this fall.

Charles Spearin: As a founding member of BSS, Do May Say Think, and KC Accidental, Spearin is known for his ability to play virtually every instrument in existence. After releasing a successful solo album two years ago, “The Happiness Project,” Spearin is currently on the road with Feist working as a “multi-instrumentalist” in her ‘Metals’ touring band.

Ohad Benchetrit: Like Spearin, Benchetrit is also a multi-talented musician, and has played everything from the guitar to the flute in his myriad musical endeavors. He’s best known for his writing and composition skills and has written the score for a number of films including “Scot Pilgrim vs. the World,” and “It’s Kind of a Funny Story.”

Jason Collett: Aside from his work in BSS, Collett also has a decade’s worth of solo work under his belt. His sixth solo album is due out at the end of the month, and will feature a bonus disk of “Essential Tracks” that will span the most memorable music of his career.

Andrew Whiteman: Whiteman has had quite a busy music career. From Bourbon Tabernacle Choir in the 90s to BSS and Apostle of Hustle. Most recently, he and his wife, Ariel Engle, formed a power duo called AroarA. They’re currently working on their first album and are playing a few small shows in the US and Canada this fall.

Justin Peroff: The BSS drummer briefly gave acting a try and even had a small roles in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and The Time Traveler’s Wife. Shortly after his stint in Hollywood, Peroff came to his senses and started a new band with two guys from The Stills called Eight and a Half. They’re synth-heavy first album was released in April and they’re currently on tour in Canada.

Kevin Drew: Apparently Drew is still mourning the break-up because he hasn’t done much since BSS played their final show last year. His Twitter bio sums up his current status pretty accurately: “getting older. fucking shit up. being polite. useD to be in a band.” He did, however, work with Jason Collett on his new album earlier this year. And on July 3rd he tweeted, “dusting off my studio fingers,” so we hope big things are in the works. Meanwhile, Jo-Ann Goldsmith, Drew’s ex-wife who played trumpet in BSS during the early years — bid farewell to the music business and is now a social worker.

Bill Priddle: After his time in both BSS and Treble Charger, Priddle formed an indie rock band, The Priddle Concer, in 2008. The band are currently working on their still-untitled second album.

Jason Tait: The BSS contributing drummer — probably best known for his work in the indie-rock band, The Weakerthans — is currently playing drums for Canadian solo artist, Bahamas.


Lisa Lobsinger: The eccentric final BSS frontwoman has taken it easy since both BSS and Reverie Sound Revue have announced an indefinite hiatus. Most recently, she collaborated with Canadian hip hop artist Shad’s hit single, “Rose Garden.”

Julie Penner: Today, the BSS violinist is the music producer for “The Vinyl Cafe” on CBC Radio.