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After nearly a week of St. Patrick’s Day parties, you might not feel like going to yet another Irish bar with your straight friends. If not, there are plenty of events to entertain you this week that range from gay Patty parties to really (really) gay Easter events.

MONDAY – TAINT Patrick’s Day @ DC9

The boys at TAINT usually throw their alt-queer parties at the DC9 the weekend of a federal holiday. St. Patrick’s Day night marks the first time that the party has been held on a Monday. Even if you have to work the next day, join DC’s gay hipster crowd for an alternative to the Irish bars.

DJ Shame Rock (also known as Shea Van Horn) will be spinning electropop, new wave, punk, alt rock and 80s (play Journey!). Even though its a gay event, the night at the DC9 always welcomes a straight crowd. And given the massive amounts of alcohol consumed by most on St. Patrick’s Day, even if you’re a straight guy its unlikely you’ll even remember if you hooked up with a dude.

TAINT Patrick’s Day Party w/ DJ Shame Rock
8:00pm – $5 cover
DC9 (9th and U Streets, NW)


TUESDAY – Tilly and the Wall w/ Capgun Coup

Its not a gay event, but expect some cute gay boys at the indie show at the Rock & Roll Hotel. Tilly and the Wall is an anchor of the Omaha music scene and instead of a drummer features a lead tap dancer. The influence of their former touring partner (and band-crush of hipster gays) The Go Team! can be heard on their danceable new single Beat Control.

Tilly and the Wall w/ Capgun Coup
8:00pm Doors – $12
Rock and Roll Hotel (13th and H Streets, NE)


Not gay at all, but the English band features three brothers (two of whom are twins), which we are pretty sure was the plot of a recent Chi Chi LaRue flick. Just go. Go. Go. Go. One of the hardest working music acts, the boys have been making trips to DC for several years now without any notice. The grew a following without the help of a major label and are currently being mentored under the wing of Franz Ferdinand lead Alex Kapranos. Now, they are headlining the Black Cat on their own tour.

Prior to their current album (Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever) all their songs kind of sounded alike, but it was one really good song. The music these guys wrote as teenagers is now being copied across the UK and their live sets are incredibly tight. Guitarist Ryan Jarman might not be well-known in the states, but The Cribs has shot him to fame in the UK where he dates singer Kate Nash (who penned her song Dickhead about how much of a dickhead her boyfriend could be) and claimed on national television to have inspired the Live 8 concert series by texting a request to organize a “Live Aid 2” type concert to Bob Geldof.

The Cribs w/ Ra Ra Riot
8:00pm Doors – $15
Black Cat – Mainstage (14th and S Streets, NW)

THURSDAY – TheNewGay.net Vernal Equinox Party


When the authors of the gay hipster blog TheNewGay.net decided to throw a Valentine’s Party at Solly’s on U Street, there was some anxiety. The blog, unsure of the size of its readership, had never thrown a party – let alone one at an establishment which had never hosted a gay event. Yet, when nearly 200 people squeezed into the upstairs space, patrons began aggressively requesting the that the night be made a regular event.

There’s no dedicated DJ and no special performance, but that might be the point. With just a group of guys and girls drinking beer, dancing and talking with friends, the night feels both cutting-edge and relaxed – like squeezing into to your most comfortable pair of skinny jeans. Its an early night, as the crowd packs up by midnight. Already on the BYT list for one of the Top 10 Great Gay Things about DC, we hope that TheNewGay.net makes these parties a monthly affair.

TheNewGay.net Vernal Equinox Party (it means the first day of Spring)
8:00pm – NO Cover
Solly’s – Upstairs (11th and U Streets, NW)


SUNDAY – Sunday Brunch

Easter is the Christian holiday of celebrating brunch. According to Wikipedia, homosexuals have been utilizing brunch as a social setting since the mid 16th century. If you don’t have brunch reservations already for the big day, make them now. The Methodists have short morning services and will cock-block your bloody mary at your favorite restaurant if you don’t plan ahead.

SUNDAY – JRs Easter Bonnet Contest

After a few mimosas at brunch, you should be feeling good and the $2 vodka drinks at JRs on Sunday will help you feel even better. Capturing the spirit of the recently concluded season of Project Runway, the gays will be constructing the most faggoty headwear you can imagine for the JRs Easter Bonnet Contest. With crowds packed below, contestants will line the upstairs railing to compete for a cash and tab prize. It takes place around 5:00pm, or 6:00. We don’t know because JRs hasn’t update their website and three years and they don’t answer their phone. However, the drunken conclusion of most patrons when we investigated in person was that the contest was at 5:00…maybe 6:00.

JRs Bar & Grill (like anyone eats there)
All afternoon – No Cover
17th & Church Streets, NW