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This is the week that all of Washington celebrates Capital Pride, and we kick the weekend off with Capital Pride & BYT present HEX: the Abracadabulous Pride Opening Party this Friday, June 10 at Dock 5 at Union Market. We’re taking Capital Pride’s 2016 theme Making Magic Happen and making that magic a bit darker and a bit dreamier. Magic is what you make of it, so use your magic and get your tickets now.

We say this every year, but WE ALWAYS SELL OUT. So, grab. those. tickets. We’ve got an outdoor dance floor, a giant stage, more (and more) bars, and spectacular entertainment. This party is so magical that Big Freedia chose to shoot a music video at it.


Tickets: www.capitalpride.org/HEX

Magic is what you make of it. So, let’s see how we can make some magic together.
Photography by Jeff Martin. Styling courtesy of Johnny Rogers


with Mundy and Queen Nefertittie

If you’re perplexed as what to wear to HEX, you need not fear. Magic is what you make of it, dear. Take a look inward and see what sparks magic inside of you. What does magic mean to you? There are many forms of magic. Do you make your gender bend? Can you mesmerize others with your sexuality’s flamboyant flame? Nonconformity is a magic in itself. Be you. This year, we have found ourselves celebrating not only the talents of people like David Bowie and Prince, but also their weirdly wonderful quirks. What are yours? Go out and shimmer and sparkle, and find yourself under the Ziggy Stardust and Purple Rain.


Hex Purple Rain Hex Purple Rain Hex Purple Rain


with Team Peaches

Naughty can be nice if you never get caught. There are things you should do, and there are things you should not. If you’re tricking for trade, or trading for tricks, HEX: the Abracadabulous Opening Party will find all your kicks. No need to roll the dice. HEX has your card. You can tie us in rope or bind us in chain. But, we’ll slip in and slide out, just to start all over again. If you’re bound to true love, or are single for life, HEX has the party to help you make extra friends for a night.

Hex Team Peaches Hex Team Peaches Hex Team Peaches

Hex Team Peaches

Hex Team Peaches Hex Team Peaches Hex Team Peaches


with Abbi Kadabra

We’ve learned from previous parties that our audience is truly magical. Even before they walk through our gates, many of them seem to *poof* magically make most layers of their clothes disappear. One. Two. Three. Vera Verto! We have a feeling that on Friday, many of you will be casting your charms again.

This year, we feature an outdoor dance floor. So, wear whatever feels comfortable. But, we know some of you by now. What is comfortable for you to wear never seems to be much. But, one of the wonderful things about this party is its diversity. All shapes. All sizes. All backgrounds. There is a point in each party where our staff just stops – if for just a moment – to look out and appreciate everyone dancing and laughing together. That’s the spirit of pride. It’s why you’re magic.

HEX Disappearing Act

HEX Disappearing Act

HEX Disappearing Act

HEX Disappearing Act HEX Disappearing Act


with Pussy Noir, JaxknifeComplex, Salvadora Dalí, Cis Jenner

What does HEX: the Abracadabulous Opening Party for you have in store? We’re summoning forth the best entertainment that DC has to offer in order to cast our spell. As we brew our potion, we’ve channeled a cauldron of sexiness, added a splash of camp, two pinches of diva, a sprig of burlesque, and heavy heaps of gogo girls and boys.  Warn thee who enter upon our gates. Dancing and make-outs will be thy fates.

Hex Witches
Hex Abracadabulous
Hex Abracadabulous
Hex Abracadabulous
Hex AbracadabulousHex Abracadabulous


Croosh Deets
Early bird tickets early bird tickets sold out!
$25 tickets on sale now
Ticket price goes up soon!
(Last 5 years we sold out)

This is a 21+ event

Dock 5 is located at Union Market
(1309 5th Street, NE)
Free parking (first come first serve) – Free shuttle service (details to come)


Queen Nefertittie

The Harry Otter Gogo Squad

As always there is no dress code, but we recommend staying on theme:
Gayme of Thrones / Magic: The Gaythering / Hairy Otter
Crystal Balls / Wizard Staffs / Bitchcraft / Seancé
Magic Queendom / Orlando Magic (The Shaq Years) / Sexy Gandalf
Xenu / Ursula / Sprites / Magical Woodland Creatures
Buffy / Teen Wolf / Siegfried & Roy / Sexy Mystic Pizza
Claire HEXtable

TICKETS: www.capitalpride.org/HEX

This is an LGBTA friendly event

Stay informed: