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The Facebook message to our BYGays team last year was short “Any extra tickets? Y’all are sold out!” The short answer was “no” – we were completely sold out. But, once we clicked through to the profile of Rhode Island drag queen Pulp Friction, inspiration soon struck. “Can you come with that look and get on a gogo box for half an hour? If so, we can get you in!” Pulp not only danced a half hour, but she danced the night away and dazzled everyone who stared at the glamourous bearded drag queen.

Her popularity as a party guest at our pride party last year led us to book her as performing talent at HEX: the Abracadabulous Opening Party this Friday, June 10 at Dock 5 at Union Market. We asked Pulp Friction to tell us a little bit more about herself before she puts you in her charms this Friday. But, a fair warning before we dive in. This party tends to sell out. So grab your tickets to HEX before the disappear.



Brightest Young Things (BYT): You’re one of the most captivating queens that we’ve ever seen. But, you’re still a bit of a mystery to Washington. Tell us a bit about how you got into drag and why?

Pulp Friction: As of this month I have been doing drag for two years. I decided that drag was the perfect outlet for me to express the sexual identity I had repressed for 20 years. I had always lived in fear that my family and friends wouldn’t accept me. The disproval I experienced didn’t compare to the love and support that the community offered from the start. I knew that drag would allow me to be myself and feel comfortable in my own skin.


BYT: Why did you develop the bearded look?

Pulp Friction: The first few times I went out in drag I shaved and hated it. It just didn’t feel right. Maybe because I hadn’t been without my scruff ever. [Editor’s Note: Through our social media stalking solid journalism, we can verify that Pulp herself is an adorably hot, scruffy otter during the day.]

Once my facial hair grew back I knew I had to at least try the bearded look. For me, drag isn’t entirely about female illusion as I prefer to blur the lines of what gender is.

BYT: How have people reacted to it – both audiences and among other drag queens?

Pulp Friction: Bearded drag often causes people to ask “Why the beard?” or say “You’d look so good without it!”

In the community I help curate alongside the queens I work with, it has become more normal to be bearded. More and more, bearded girls are coming out of the woodwork to perform and I love it! I’m known for having the beard at this point and it is well received by audiences. I joke with the other queens. I say that I’m hired as the manly one to make their illusion more convincing. That certainly isn’t the case though because they are all wonderful.When traveling, most queens have been receptive to the beard as there’s a bearded beauty in almost every scene.

Pulp Friction in Tuxedo and Flower Beardpulpextrapulpextra4pulpextra5pulpwithout

BYT: You came to our party last year, and will be in town this year as well. What’s the connection between the DC area?

Pulp Friction: Last year’s BYT party was magical! My sister Annie B. Frank is originally from the DC area introduced me to Capital Pride and the drag scene in Washington. This year, I will be traveling with my sister Assa Blanca who is also from the DC area. Salvadora Dali, Cis Jenner, and Jaxknife (performing at HEX as the drag witch girl group W3) are now my connects there.

BYT: At our party last year, you connected with three of our queens (Salvadora Dali, JaxknifeHaunt, and Cis Jenner) and have done a couple things together since. It seemed both groups found inspiration between each other. Tell us a bit about how you incorporate inspiration from drag acts outside your home base.

Pulp Friction: I think queens are constantly learning from and inspiring one another. There’s so much creative energy that we all share. For me, I am most inspired by the music and performances of other queens. I love performances that tell a story and produce an emotional response and incorporate these things in some of my performances. Salvadora Dali, Cis Jenner, and JaxknifeHaunt are a creative and talented group of queens that accomplish these things in their performances and I’m left captivated.

Pulp Friction Dancing at the Flashback Party.

There are many other bearded queens who I think are doing it right and doing it big and they are Lucy Stoole from Chicago, Hellvetika from Brooklyn, Burley Chassis from Australia, Grace Towers from San Francisco, and Ms. Ter from Brooklyn. There are too many to list but these are some of my favorite girls and they are all very inspiring.

BYT: Grace Towers was in the crowd hanging out at our pride party two years ago. I don’t think we had ever woofed at a drag queen before that point. We agree with you there. What do you think are the next steps in drag?

Personally… the next step for me is making new hip pads (laughs), but seriously. I will be shaving a bit more this year to experiment with some looks I’ve thought up, and I’ll work on more conceptual and intricate looks that I can then build a portfolio from. Sometimes it’s hard to incorporate the beard… but it’ll grow back! I will also continue to network with queens and make connections. I love traveling and making new friends with queens across the country.
I think the next steps for drag will consist of blurring the lines of gender even more which will allow for more self expression and celebration of that. Drag definitely doesn’t have rules and it’s becoming more and more apparent. Define your drag, not the drag of others.
Pulp Friction will be performing at the Capital Pride & BYT present HEX: the Abracadabulous Opening Party this Friday, June 10 at Union Market.


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Dock 5 is located at Union Market
(1309 5th Street, NE)
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The Harry Otter Gogo Squad

As always there is no dress code, but we recommend staying on theme:
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