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It’s officially September! As usual, Phillips is chockablock full of great programming this month, including:

Guided Meditation: The virtual guided meditation sessions continue! Each Wednesday from 12:45pm ET to 1:15pm ET, participants can carve out a midday oasis for relaxation right at home (or wherever!) with local yoga teacher Aparna Sadananda. As always, totally free, just be sure to register to attend via Zoom. Upcoming dates include September 2nd, September 9th, September 16th, September 23rd and September 30th.

Phillips After 5 – Mindfulness In Color: Virtual Phillps After 5 sessions are a super fun way to take a load off for ninety minutes, so make sure to set an alarm for this month’s edition of the series! This time, participants will take a deep dive into the creation of Wolfgang Laib’s Wax Room with Phillips’ chief curator, and can check out the colorful sounds of Tabla for Two. There’ll also be a peaceful meditation, plus participants can expect to learn more about the meaning of the seven colors of the sacred Chakra Wheel. Explore Craft Kombucha and tea from Tea Thoughts, plus chat and meet new friends in the breakout rooms. Tune in this Thursday (September 3rd) at 5:30pm ET via Zoom.

Triple Crown – Material Class: If you’re down to get crafty, this sounds like an unmissable workshop! The Kentucky Derby is slated to take place on September 5th this year, and to get ready, Michelle Kohler will share her Trash Hat project, assisting participants in turning ready-to-be-recycled objects into-ready-to wear self-portraits. Everybody will need a mirror, a few elements to play with and a few materials that can be used to hold it all together. (Use your imagination!) Derby appropriate attire is recommended! Join in on Derby Saturday (September 5th) at noon ET.

Women, Race, Representation: As many of you are aware, 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, granting women the constitutional right to vote. This year’s Phillips Artists of Conscience panel will commemorate this milestone of US democracy, as well as celebrate women’s accomplishments related to issues of social justice while acknowledging the continued struggle for equality and inclusion in all facets of life, including education, artistic practice, and philanthropy. This year’s panel also coincides with Phillips’ presentation of contemporary women artists from the permanent collection, including works by seven recipients of the Anonymous Was a Woman (AWAW) Award founded by American philanthropist Susan Unterberg: Jae Ko, Simone Leigh, Jennifer Wen Ma, Arlene Shechet, Jeanne Silverthorne, Valeska Soares, and Renee Stout. Tune in September 23rd at 5:30pm ET via Zoom.

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Featured image via Phillips Collection by Michelle Kohler