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Hey remember our little talk about DC’s creative economy? Well Michael Harris has stepped up to the plate for all of us and opened a multi-purpose arts venue, DC mini gallery. This space is for you: your art, your music, your dance moves, your old records– now the space needs your help.

From DC Mini Gallery owner, Michael Harris
This summer, we’ve been having performances and private gatherings at the DC Mini Gallery as a way to raise money for rent, utilities, repairs, and renovations. This was part of our grand opening festivities, which were to transition in the fall to a focus on affordable studio space and gallery installations of a multi-media nature.

On July 22nd 2009, a private show at the DC Mini Gallery was visited by policemen and officers from the DCRA & ABC due to a false complaint that I was serving liquor to underage minors. We had no alcohol on the premises so no arrests or fines were issued, however we were forced to end the night and told to get a permit in order to hold future shows. Unfortunately no permit currently exists in our zone that would allow us to legally showcase live music. Thus, bands are practically illegal in the 14th Street Heights neighborhood. We would like to begin a petition in the coming weeks to reverse this policy which we deem quite unfortunate and detrimental to the community.

Compliance with current DC structural and fire codes require several expensive renovations to the space. Because we have been asked to cease business activity and have lost a full month of income due to the cancelation of all august events, we now must reach out to our community to help keep the gallery open. Although this is all, for lack of a better term “a major drag”, I feel like it gives us an opportunity to make great improvements and enhance the quality of your experience at the DC Mini.

On a personal note, my goal as the gallery owner is to keep this space completely independent. This means we have taken no bank loans, and have no corporate sponsorships. The gallery is my full time job and the way I support my family, so I take my role in our artistic community very seriously. I have invested a great deal of time and energy into this project and refuse to let it go away without a fight. Your donations will help us to remain free from the constraints of corporate interests and continue our role as one of the few dedicated DIY art/fashion/music spaces in the area. We are attempting to create a new arts economy that offers a viable platform to support each others artistic endeavors. We are already fast on our way to acheiving this goal. Your support will help ensure that the march continues.

For more details on our renovations and ways you can help contribute to the space beyond a financial donation please email us at [email protected].

Michael Andrew Harris

See DC Mini Gallery Website for details and donations