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It happens every year-whenever it starts turning actually cold, I find myself being more and more twee. Dammit. So-in an effort not to drown yet again in my own Belle & Sebastian black hole, I have been revisiting Boy Least Likely To, which is the EXTREMELY adorable British duo that I used to think were pretty much the bee’s knees in the mid-2000s (EXHIBIT A: read this adorable interview Cale did with them almost 5 years a go, it still holds up). The good news is-the music holds up as well-it is as funny and touching eight years later.

So, here’s “Be Gentle With Me” paired with an adequately short love animation by Carlos Lascano.

So just be gentle with me
(I’m not as young as I was)
And I’ll be gentle with you
I’m not as brave as I thought