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This Friday May 17th is International Day Against Homophobia, and in honor of that, DC’s Heather Mae will be releasing a special track to celebrate loud, proud LGBTQ+ love. Titled “You Are My Favorite”, it’s a tribute to her wife, and an ode to LGBTQ+ couples all over the world. Mae says:

“One night, as I was falling asleep in my wife’s arms, I said to her ‘You are my favorite.’ Suddenly, in my mind, I could hear myself singing a melody I had never sung before, singing the phrase ‘You are my favorite word.’ (Which turned out to be the first line of the song.) ‘Go to your piano,’ I heard myself say. I jumped out of bed and one hour later, “You Are My Favorite” was alive. The recorded version is the exact version that was written that night. Not one single edit. I pulled my wife out of bed and carried her to the piano, played the song for her, and said “Millions of LGBTQ couples will walk down the aisle to this song that I wrote about you.”

It is a love song…but it is also a protest song: until the day every nation passes anti-discrimination laws for LGBTQ+ people, big and loud LGBTQ+ love will always be an act of protest. One day, I hope my songs about my wife will be seen as boring love songs, just like every other love song out there, but until that day, I will sing of our love proudly and loudly.”

Check out our exclusive premiere of the video here, and grab a copy of the tune when it officially debuts this Friday.