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It’s not often that we actually look forward to Mondays, but we’re making an exception next week since “Headlines are Frontlines – Dis-Integration”, a mobile art show, is set to hit DC (as well as NYC) for eight hours on October 26th. It debuts at 9am in Washington DC, Arlington and Silver Spring, while NYC will kick off at noon. It also includes fifteen other US cities and seven battleground counties on its tour, including stops in Nashville, Flint, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Phoenix, LA and more. Trucks equipped with 12-foot large-scale screens will deploy the film installation across all locations.

Keshari in Brooklyn with her show in the background.

The artists, Smriti Keshari (The Bomb on Netflix) and executive music director Marius de Vries (La La Land) based the show on 1,460 front-page news headlines, with most featuring Donald Trump in some way. (From Cofeve to Comey to Covid, it’s all there.) Keshari calls her work a commentary on “Censorship through noise”, and human attention as a scarce commodity.

It’s a bit of a harrowing reminder of all the news (frankly exhausting amounts of it) we have experienced the past four years, but it comes at a crucial time as voting is already underway for this crucial election.

Follow the official @headlinesarefrontlines Instagram account to watch the live feeds on Monday.