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We originally ran this piece on April 8, 2014, the anniversary of Twin Peaks debut on ABC. Today it was announced Twin Peaks will return to Showtime in 2016 for a nine-episode series.

All told, we got two seasons and a movie, which mostly everyone besides a couple network stooges can agree is just not enough. There are however some supplemental materials that provide deeper character understanding and also some good old fashioned nerding-out.

Diane: The Secret Tapes of Agent Dale Cooper

There was a subtle intellectual eroticism to Coop’s communicae with Diane, the titular assistant of these secret tapes. In perfect Coop fashion his messages were the mundane needs of a field agent blended with the philosophical musings of a dreamer. This redux is 44-minutes of pulp Coop.


The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer

Want to know all about exactly how scandalous Laura Palmer was? All the seedy details are here and written not by David Lynch, but by his then 22-year-old daughter Jennifer. It is packed with Laura’s death-obsessed poetry, accounts of all her liaisons, and the ever growing shadow of BOB. You can buy it on Amazon, or just read this PDF.


Julee Cruise

The music of Twin Peaks is without a doubt one of the most important parts of the series, perfectly mirroring the genre swirling narrative which is at once silly and deeply disturbed. Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti worked with Julee Cruise on her contribution “Falling,” but she has too many gems on her four studio albums to be remembered only for Twin Peaks. She swam in the same performance-art laden waters as Kate Bush and Laurie Anderson.

The Continuations

There was an ill-fated graphic novel pitched that would have been the unofficial season 3, and would have followed Lynch’s outlines, but it was turned down.

However, after two decades, many of the principal characters reunited on Psych, of all fucking shows, for a Twin Peaks themed episode in 2010 called “Dual Spires.”