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Australian singer-guitarist Harmony Byrne‘s debut LP Heavy Doors (produced by Spoon’s Jim Eno) hit shelves this past Friday, June 12th; chockablock full of mesmerizing tunes and soulful vox, it’s definitely one you’re gonna wanna grab for your collection. (You can also check out her handwritten track-by-track breakdown over on Instagram for some good contextual snippets.)

Since it’s June, Harmony made us a Spotify playlist full of tracks that give her major Pride vibes; from Marika Hackman to Tracy Chapman, there’s a lot of real good queer energy here. Get into the spirit by pressing play and checking out her blurbs on what each one means to her below:

Native Tongue – Mo’Ju

Left speechless…when trying to write what this song means I looked out the window and saw a rainbow🌈  

Cash Savage and The Last Drinks – Better Than That

I love the production and the exploration away from the bands ‘earlier’ stuff, because that’s so important to do as an artist, to feel free and that should/needs be respected! And so should people’s chosen identities and who people choose to love. I think we can all relate to ‘secretly I’d hoped you were better than that’…people ask dumb, inappropriate questions sometimes. I know I do. And yet, I guess for the world and ourselves to become better we have to answer them, or pull people up on their judgmental, discriminatory comments…it can be exhausting and this song is a beautiful offering of that predicament I think.

Adrianne Lenker – Steamboat 

A song that has helped me surrender into a relationship with the love of my life, to be vulnerable and to laugh at my co-dependent tendencies. Hehe 🙂

Shea Diamond – American Pie

Omg a new discovery for me and I’m so deeply in love with her sound and her messages. Her voice brings me strength and the production gets my body moving deeply.

Mitski – Crack Baby

I love these wandering vocals with the electronic elements disjointed but harmonious.

Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

An all time favorite, simple meaningful words that I’m sure every ‘outsider’ or one who has felt oppression, can relate to. 

Girl In Red – i need to be alone.

Solitude is so important as creative beings. I love this dreamy production and also the line which is my mantra right now “I need to be alone or I’m going to lose my shit.”

Marika Hackman – Before I Sleep + (commentary)

So nice to hear someone speak about their songs in depth and in an authentic way (hopefully Marika has fun speaking about her work!) I love songs with alternate guitar tunings and artists who explore with their instruments, it’s so fun! Check the whole commentary record.